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Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband novel Chapter 1304

Dylan said, "We didn't purposely spread the news."

If the news of Marcus' death got out, Cornelia would inevitably find out. She might be devastated.

Even if it was just a possibility, Marcus wouldn't let this news reach Cornelia. However, something went wrong somewhere along the lines. The news of his death was leaked. They had to come up with even more crafty ways to fool Cornelia.

Brennen clearly didn't believe him, "If you guys didn't spread the news, who else could have?"

Dylan said, "The Hartley Group was once mighty, so it has made many enemies. As soon as they see a chance of it collapsing, they will do everything possible to push it towards the abyss."

Brennen asked, "Did someone from within the Hartley Group betray you and leak the news of Marcus' critical condition?"

Dylan said, "Brennen, should I call you a fool? Do you think those who want to bring down the Hartley Group need the truth?"

Brennen went silent.

Dylan continued, "They know how important President Hartley is to the company. They know the shareholders, employees, and partners all hope for him to return. They know as long as President Hartley is alive, the spirit of the Group is still there. As long as the spirit is there, it's not easy to bring it down. Once they understand this, they won't care about the truth. They just need to spread some fake news about President Hartley's death and find some people to spread rumors to achieve their goals."

Brennen asked, "Why doesn't Marcus come out and clear things up? Does he just stand by and watch the empire he built from scratch collapse?"

Dylan said, "The Hartley Group is yours now,. Why should him come out to help you?"

Brennen shamelessly replied, "I gave him his last name. He has the responsibility to help me protect the Hartley Group."


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