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Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband novel Chapter 1305

Dylan asked, "Do you even remember you're his dad?"

Brennen replied, "He never saw me as one."

Dylan countered, "Did you ever consider yourself his father when you hurt him? Let me be clear, what he's doing now ain't patricide, it's revenge."

Marcus had countless ways to deal with Brennen, but as Brennen said, regardless of what Marcus did, if he made any moves against Brennen behind the scenes, it would go against traditional values. In most people's eyes, no matter how much a father screwed up, he was still the dad. He gave his kid life, and the kid had an obligation to care for him unconditionally.

Ten years ago, Marcus simply found evidence to put Brennen in jail for ten years, and was branded as cold and sneaky. If Marcus were to make moves against Brennen now, even if it was self-defense, he would be mercilessly criticized by the public.

The Marcus of today was no longer the impulsive youth he once was. He thought more carefully before he acted. Even if he didn't care about what others thought, he didn't impulsively do things that would draw criticism. After all, he had people he cherished now.

So, Marcus had been preparing. He had people gather evidence of Brennen's crimes, and handed it over to the authorities. This way, he could deal with Brennen and shut the public's mouth. He might even earn the reputation of sacrificing family for justice.

Brennen had considered all possible scenarios, but he never thought Marcus had never thought about using other methods against him. He knew he'd lost. This loss was final; there was no chance for revenge.

He laughed, but his smile was filled with desolation and sorrow, "Can you let my wife and son go?"

Dylan snorted and didn't answer. But Brennen figured it out. He sighed, "I really underestimated Marcus. I knew that he's more dangerous now than he was ten years ago, but I was negligent. I thought that if he fell ill, he wouldn't be able to deal with me, but I didn't expect him to be fully prepared."


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