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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 168

Chapter 168 

Judith and the rest gasped one after another. That sounded mighty rich and pretentious, especially when they said that fifteen thousand dollars a month was not very high, and that they did not really care whether or not there was any money involved! 

Severin was the only one who smirked indifferently. He knew very well that those people were all junior generals who had contributed a lot on the battlefield. Moreover, they received a lot of rewards after the war ended, and even junior generals could be awarded several million dollars. Therefore, money was never a problem for them. 

“I can only envy that sort of salary.” Queenie smiled wryly, then said to Severin again, “Your friend must be crazy rich. Are you going to tell me that this villa was also given to you by a friend?” 

Severin immediately touched the bridge of his nose. “You know what, you guessed it right. This villa is a gift.” 

“Seriously?!” Queenie’s pitch rose and she said in surprise, “How is that possible? I know a bit about the villas here, and one is worth tens of millions. How could they just give it to you? Are you sure it’s not Miss Diane’s property?” 

Judith immediately explained, “Severin’s telling the truth. This house used to belong to a first-tier family known as the Longhorns. Severin has exceptional medical skills, and he happened to run into the head of the Longhorns while the latter’s illness was acting up. Severin saved his life, so he gave the villa house to us as a token of thanks.” 

“I see. A rich man’s world is so much different from a poor person’s world. I guess the truly rich value their lives more than anything.” Queenie remarked. She then turned to Severin all of a sudden and said, “You’ve reached the peak of what life has to offer, now that you have a wife, a daughter, and such a luxurious house too. I guess this is what they call ‘every cloud has its silver lining? You’re getting lucky.” 

“Haha. Let’s go in so you can choose your room,” Severin smiled and led Queenie into the house. As they entered the living room, Queenie was once again shocked by the wondrous decoration there. Everything was very luxurious, and one could tell at first glance that the furniture was very valuable. 


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