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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 170

Chapter 170 

“Okay.” Diane nodded and duly stepped aside. Soon, Severin brought over his pajamas, while Diane had already prepared her nightgown and her underwear as well. 

“I’ll bathe first, and then you can bathe after me!” Diane took the clothes she had prepared and walked toward the bathroom, which was attached to her large bedroom. 

Severin was practically drooling at the sight of her near-perfect figure and he could not help but gulp while saying to her from behind, “Why don’t we bathe together, honey? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a companion?” 

“Dream on!” Diane shot back without turning to look at him. She went into the bathroom alone, and the sound of trickling water was heard as soon as she closed the door. 

Severin could only sit helplessly on the bed while listening to the flow of water coming from the bathroom. He could not help but gulp again as he listened to the sounds, which could easily make his imagination run wild. After all, he could vaguely see her blurry figure through the light passing through the glass panels. 

“There’s no rush, Severin. Just take your time. It’s a step in the right direction now that my wife – has agreed to let me sleep in the same bed with her. I’m sure I can have another baby with her in 

the future if I work a little harder!” Severin naughtily as he mumbled softly to himself. 

Time ticked by, and Diane soon came out in her sexy nightgown. Her hair was still wet, and Severin was a little speechless when he saw her charming figure right before his very eyes. He felt as if he had been put to the test because any other man would have been unable to resist her if they were in his shoes. 

Severin smiled at Diane and then went into the room to take a bath. When he came out, Diane had already dried her hair and was lying on the bed while covered in a thin blanket. She glanced casually at Severin, and then said calmly, “I found another blanket, so we’ll use one blanket each. Don’t even think about any funny business, understand? You should be grateful that I even allowed. you to sleep on my bed!” 

“Yes, honey! I’ll listen to whatever you say!” Severin smiled and then lay down beside Diane. 

After Diane switched off the light, she turned around and turned her back to Severin. Even so, her heart was fluttering wildly because a man was lying beside her and she could not fall asleep at all. 

Since she was confident about her good looks, it was natural for her to be a little worried that Severin might not keep his promise and instead come closer to her to feel her up or something. A few minutes later, however, she heard Severin breathing very evenly, and it sounded like he had fallen asleep. She turned around to look at him and realized that he had drifted off into slumber! 

“Is he serious? How could this rascal fall asleep so quickly? I can’t believe he just dozed off when a beautiful woman was lying right beside him?” For some reason, Diane felt a little lost when Severin fell asleep that quickly. She even began wondering if she was not charming enough. 


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