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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 169

Chapter 169 

Severin did not know how to answer Queenie’s question and felt a little awkward at that moment. 

Diane smiled slightly and said to Queenie, “Umm, it’s nothing like that! We just have too many empty rooms upstairs, so he wanted to make one of the rooms his own space so it doesn’t feel so empty.” She then hooked her arm around Severin’s arm. “Actually, Severin still sleeps in the same room with me most of the time.” 

Severin never expected Diane to be understanding to the point where she would take the initiative to avoid embarrassing him. He took advantage of the opportunity to put his arms around Diane’s waist, and then smiled at her. “Of course. We sleep together almost every night, but on the rare occasions that I have something important to do such as having to research certain medical skills, I’ll head back to my room and sleep alone.” 

Diane blushed as soon as Severin put his arm around her waist, and her heart began to beat wildly 


“Yeah, that’s right!” Diane smiled cooperatively. 

Queenie covered her mouth and laughed. “I see. You two should rest early then. I won’t bother. your sweet time.” She then walked to the room in the opposite corridor. 

“Let’s go to bed, honey. It’s getting late!” Severin still had one arm around Diane’s waist as he opened the door and walked in before closing it shut. 

“When are you going to let go of me?” As soon as they entered the room, Diane immediately rolled. her eyes at him and asked. 



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