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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 106

Chapter 106 Mega-rich

"8 million!"

The auctioneer called out this price with a surprised tone, "Cecelia bid 8 million!"

Everyone was shocked and turned their heads to look at Cecelia who was holding up the plate.

Gary looked so pissed off. He made up his mind to do a charity to clear his name, but his daughter was against him?

He was so angry!

The Shawn family could see that Cecelia was doing it on purpose, and Ophelia hated Cecelia so much.

Two rows away, she couldn't help but ask, "Cecelia, you bid $8 million! Do you have that much money? Don't boast off without having that ability, okay!"

Cynthia said, "Why do you care so much? My brother is not short of money!"

The Shawn family also saw Cecelia's bid for the painting, and Robert thought that Cecelia, like him, really liked Mr. Guston's work!

Winnie and Camelia both snickered, "WTF. Showing off with the Nelson family's money!"

At this point, both Rupert and Sam looked playfully at Cecelia.

Both of them felt that Cecelia had something herself!

"No one higher than 8 million? Good! 8 million once! 8 million twice! 8 million three times! Deal!"

When the auctioneer excitedly dropped the hammer, he also announced that the transaction was successful, which also showed that among the modern paintings, this live work of Mr. Guston broke the record of the auction world.

Mr. Guston himself, sitting on the side, was driven crazy though he looked calm on the surface.

The auctioneer next invited Cecelia to the stage, "Cecelia must be a great fan of Mr. Guston, or a public service enthusiast!

"Mr. Guston, I'd like to invite you to the stage as well!"

Cecelia stood up and walked to the stage, and Mr. Guston also came up, looking her up and down.

He was probably gloating, thinking that he was really lucky to have such a beautiful female fan.

The auctioneer then interviewed her, "Cecelia, for what purpose did you offer such a high price?"

Cecelia took the microphone and said lightly, "I know that Mr. Guston is known as a modern emerging artist and his paintings have a high appreciation potential.

"In addition, I think it should be the right thing for each of us to take the opportunity of this charity auction to make a contribution to public welfare."

The auctioneer led the applause, "Good point, Cecelia, you two can shake hands and get to know each other first. Next is the ceremony of handing over the work."

Mr. Guston excitedly reached out to shake hands with Cecelia, but Cecelia didn't even look at it, which made Mr. Guston feel awkward and could only withdraw his hand resentfully.

Soon, the staff brought the agreement for the painting and they signed it on the spot.

After Cecelia signed it, the auctioneer saw the name on it and was surprised, "Cecelia, you are donating in the name of Remington, the president of the Nelson Group?"

"That's right, Remington is my husband, and you can call me Mrs. Nelson.

"My husband loves charity, and he couldn't be here today, but he wanted to contribute to this cause.

"The $8 million is for the auction of this painting, and in addition, he wants to donate $8 million directly to the Red Cross to help those in need."

After Cecelia finished her words, the audience were shocked.

It turned out that Cecelia was here for Remington. Mr. Nelson was too generous, wasn't he?

He spent $16 million at once!

"Oh my God!

What a bounty!

How rich he is!" they thought.

"Thank you and your husband very much. Let's give a big round of applause to Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Nelson."


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