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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 107

Chapter 107 Spotlight on Cecelia

Mr. Guston was still in the midst of a meltdown. "Stop it! This is my painting! You've destroyed my painting!"

He heard Robert say that his son Roger was a police officer, and at that moment he shouted downstage, "Robert, Captain Shawn, help me catch this crazy woman!"

Roger stood up and said, "I'm sorry, I'm a criminal officer, so this kind of case is not my responsibility."

The implication was that he would not interfere with what Cecelia was doing.

Besides, he also wanted to know why Cecelia did that?

"Shut up!"

Cecelia coldly glared. "Since I have already signed the agreement, this painting belongs to me. I can do whatever I want with it."

Everyone could see that Cecelia had come to ruin the show on purpose.

Jonathan was glad that no media reporters were invited and that things had not yet gone too far. He immediately mediated, "Mrs. Nelson, there must be some misunderstanding. Why don't we discuss it offstage!"

"Jonathan, there is no need to discuss it!"

Cecelia's tone was light, but it was filled with an overbearing air that brooked no argument.

"Besides, I've already called the police! I believe the police will come to deal with it soon!"

As expected, as soon as she said that, four police officers came in from outside.

The police officer at the head of them showed his work card.

"We received a report that someone is impersonating Mr. Guston, involved in a large amount of fraud! Now come back with us to take the investigation!"

The officer waved his hand and soon two other officers stepped forward and grabbed Mr. Guston.

Mr. Guston was still struggling. "I'm not a scammer, let me go! Let me go!"

"Stop screaming! If you have anything to say, go back to the police station and explain!"

Just like that, the man who called himself Mr. Guston was taken away, leaving only the sighing guests in the room.

It was so sudden that everyone was caught off guard!

Jonathan could only apologize to the guests. "I'm very sorry for what happened, it's our negligence. I'm really sorry to you all. We will definitely assist the police to investigate this matter clearly.

"In addition, if the police confirm that it is a case of fraud, we will annul this auction agreement."

Jonathan had already made his attitude clear, but Cecelia said, "Jonathan, although this painting was destroyed by me, and the agreement can be cancelled, the donation amount will not be cancelled because of the change!

"The 8 million will be donated to the Red Cross for the public good in the same way as the other 8 million."

Hearing this, Jonathan was full of respect. "Thank you, thank you very much Mrs. Nelson for your great love and selflessness!"

Many guests in the audience spontaneously applauded for Cecelia, and Robert and Roger, they both felt that what Cecelia did was a righteous act!

A woman was never weaker than a man!

After the auction interlude, next was the party.

Jonathan invited all the guests to the party. "Thank you again for your support, and we have prepared this to thank you all."

Cecelia was quite popular because of her previous thing, and Jonathan brought several old artists to talk to her.

For a while, she became the focus of the party.

Robert also came over and joined the conversation. "Mrs. Nelson, I'm ashamed to say that I have interacted with that Mr. Guston and found nothing wrong with him. However, I would like to know how you could tell that he was not really Mr. Guston?"

Roger also listened on the sidelines, his gaze revealing appreciation.

"Yes, how did Mrs. Nelson see that?"

The crowd wanted to know how she could tell that Mr. Guston was a fake.

Cecelia explained in public, "Actually, I just analyzed Mr. Guston's works. Considering Mr. Guston's painting techniques and style, it was easy to see that the work done today was the creation of a different person.

"Plus, Mr. Guston generally never shows up to the public. Mr. Guston's identity is mysterious, so it's easy to be exploited by people who hunt for fame and money.

"I've been to many exhibitions at the Swaxon Kingdom and have seen Mr. Guston's work and know some about Mr. Guston's work.

"Mr. Guston's works will give people a decadent but shocking sense of beauty, is the deep meaning of its connotation.


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