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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 12

Chapter 12 She Acted like the Hostess of the House

With tears in his eyes, the little guy took the initiative to pick up the spoon and continued to eat the rest of the meal.


Seeing this scene, Cecelia felt sad. The reason why her son cried was that it was the first time he ate the food his mom did.

"If you like the meals I cook, I will do it for you every day, okay?"

Andres looked at her, raised his little arm, wiped away his tears, and nodded.

He couldn't believe he would cry because of the meal.

He was wondering why he couldn't help crying twice after seeing Mommy.

It was silly.

Seeing his son had eaten up all the dishes, Cecelia applauded and touched her son's little head, "Well done Andres, you ate up all the food that Mommy made, what a good boy!"

After hearing this, Remington couldn't help but question her again, "How is it possible? Did you force him to eat the meal?"

Such an arrogant guy! After hearing what he said, Cecelia said displeased, "Mr. Nelson, why would you say that? Andres loves to eat the meal I cook, and he ate it all by himself in the end, which means that the meal I cook is delicious and he loves it. Didn't you smell the food? Is there something wrong with your nose too?"

Remington could not say anything back, because not only his nose was perfectly fine but also very sensitive, and he already knew how delicious the meal was when he smelled it.

He swallowed several times, and he seemed to be hungry and wanted to eat the delicious meal as well.

But he would not let her know what was he thinking, because he had already rejected her invitation to the dinner just now!

Actually, Cecelia did it on purpose. She fed Andres in his room to make him regret what he said.

At this time, Cecelia deliberately said, "Andres has already enough, what about you? If you still don't want to eat it, I will remove all the food."

Seeing she was about to leave and take away all the food, Remington finally decided to eat the food she made. He yelled, "Wait! Did I say no?"

"You had said just now!"

This woman must have done it on purpose!

"It was just now, not now!" Remington knocked on the bed impatiently in protest, "I need to eat!"

Cecelia couldn't help but chuckle, then brought over the meal prepared for him and put it on the bedside table, and put two pillows behind him to help him up at the same time.

Her white arms were hugging him, and when she lifted him up, her delicate skin brushed against his cheeks and neck.

Her arms were warm, and so was her touch, which made him couldn't get used to it.

He couldn't see anything, but when the woman approached him, he could smell a faint fragrance, which was very nice.

Somehow he was familiar with this fragrance, but he could not remember when did he smell it.

Remington didn't have much time to think about it, because Cecelia asked him to open his mouth, "It's time to eat!"

But Remington didn't do as she say. His brows tightly frowned, "What's the matter, Mr. Nelson? Didn't you say you need to eat?"

"I don't need you to feed me!"

The man was a bit arrogant, he couldn't see anything, and he still didn't want sympathy and charity from her.

"Okay, just do it by yourself!"

Unfortunately, Remington stretched out his hand to grab the spoon but couldn't catch anything. Seeing this, Cecelia sighed softly, "Mr. Nelson, you can't even see it, how can you eat by yourself? Are you sure?"

Cecelia wanted to see how much longer he would make a scene.

She could see from his handsome face that the man was in bad mood. He finally said helplessly, "Ok, feed me!"

Cecelia smiled and started to feed him. When Remington took the first bite, he felt something was wrong, "What is this?"

"Rice porridge!"

"That's what you prepare for me? I don't want rice porridge!"

Remington wanted to know where the tempting braised pork and vegetables were just now.

"Mr. Nelson, this is the doctor's advice. It has only been a short time since you underwent surgery, so you can only eat liquid food."


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