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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 121

Chapter 121 She Just Tried to Piss Him off

Ariella jumped up in shock when she saw the seven handsome men of the VX Boyz.

"Oh, my god! Are they VX Boyz?"

Ariella shook Angela, and Angela saw them too. "Yeah, they seem to be."

"Heaven alive!" Ariella looked at Cecelia and asked, "Cece, did you invite them? How do you know that my favorite boy group is VX Boyz?"

"I guessed you would like them because they are on your phone case," said Cecelia.

"Oh my gosh! You're right! I'm so excited!"

Ariella was overjoyed, but when she saw her idols approaching, she didn't want to act too rashly.

"Handsome guys, may I ask for your autographs, please?" asked Ariella.

"Of course, you can!"

"It's our pleasure!"

The young men of the boy group gave big and pleasing smiles.

"Oh, my God! They're so charming."

Ariella was infatuated with their smiles.

Then, Ariella and Angela were both busy asking for autographs.

Ariella, who had shamelessly said earlier that he wanted handsome guys to feed her drinks, was now feeling shy.

After the boy group finished giving autographs, the leader gave a speech, saying that they were going to perform their latest song.

Then the handsome and charming young men chose a song of theirs and began to dance.

Rupert and his friends were all excited and thrilled.

"Oh, my God! Cecelia is awesome. She actually invited a boy group to liven up their party."

"So she likes younger guys, huh? Am I not young enough?"

Jimmy ran his hand through his hair, thinking he was the youngest among them.

Rupert reminded him, "Come on! Remington is here. Behave yourself!"

"It's fine. She's already Remington's ex-wife. They have nothing to do with each other now." Jimmy was confident and fearless.

Remington was speechless, and his face darkened.

He suspected that Cecelia was just trying to provoke him.

She still tried to provoke him, even after their divorce.

In a short while, Jimmy noticed from the video that Cecelia received a phone call and left the private room.

So he thought it was his chance and immediately rushed out of the room, intending to have a chance encounter with Cecelia.

Cecelia walked out of the room to answer the phone, and Jimmy walked past her, but she didn't even glance at him.

Jimmy turned his head to look at her back and then looked down at himself, thinking, "I'm a popular movie star after all. How could she not even spare a glance at me? Da*n it! How dare she ignore me! I can't stand it."

Although he dressed low-key today, he was still easy to recognize.

And his eyes were so charming that they could make women fall for him in minutes.

Jimmy didn't give up and walked over to Cecelia again, hovering around her. He even took off the necklace from his neck and threw it behind her.

As Cecelia finished her phone call and was about to leave, Jimmy approached her and said, "Excuse me, Miss, you dropped your necklace!"

He then picked up the necklace and "kindly" handed it to her.

Cecelia turned her head and glanced at the necklace in his hand before taking it and examining it.

"Tiffany? Ew, it's a knockoff. Nothing more than a piece of trash," she remarked.

After that, she threw the necklace into the nearby trash can and walked into the private room.

"What the h*ll!"

Jimmy looked at his necklace, which was thrown into the trash can, and felt speechless.


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