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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 122

Chapter 122 Keeping It a Secret for as Long as Possible 

Ariella’s mood was dampened because of this emergency. 

“Never mind. The hunks are not here, so let’s go back home to check what has happened.” 

Ariella prepared to go back home and search for what had happened to VX BOYZ on the Internet. She couldn’t find out anything on her phone just now. 

“All right. I have to go back too.” 

Angela picked up her bag and stood up. But when she was about to leave, she suddenly said to Cecelia and Ariella, “By the way, I need to inform you about a matter.” 

“What’s it?” Cecelia also stood up. 

“They’re preparing for the reunion party for alumni who graduated in the same year as us. It happens that you two are all back. Do attend the party.” 

“I’ll contact you when they decide on the time and avenue. It’s that all right?” 

Receiving no response from the two, Angela continued, “I’m the person in charge of organizing this activity. It happens to be the 100th anniversary of the University of Center City and all alumni of all previous years will go back to the school for a reunion. Our class can’t be outdone by other classes. Just give me some support, okay?” 

Angela used to be in charge of the studies and event organization of their class and she continued to organize reunion parties for the class after graduation. 

Cecelia had dropped out of school earlier and her university life didn’t last for long, so originally, she didn’t have to take part in these parties. 

However, Angela had her own intentions for inviting Cecelia. 

She wanted to take this chance to chat with Cecelia so that she could dig out more information about her past with Remington. 

“I’m not that enthusiastic about it.” 

Ariella was worried that her old classmates would laugh at her figure. 

“Just join us, Ariella. You brought us much happiness back then. How will the party be fun without you?” 

“All right. I’ll go if Cecelia goes too.” 

Ariella looked at Cecelia. Cecelia nodded and said, “Okay. It’s no big deal. We haven’t gone back to school for a long time, and we can take this chance to have a look.” 

Cecelia remembered that when she still studied at the University of Center City, Professor Nick Miller was a teacher there. 

It had been many years, and she wondered if she could see him again. 


News about VX BOYZ’s official dissolution shocked the whole showbiz. 

And tags about it became the top search. 

Their fans and netizens were all shocked by the news. 

Why was the idol group they were following during the daytime suddenly dissolved in several hours? 

Why wasn’t there any portent? 

The Internet burst into heated discussion and everyone was discussing this breaking news. 

Ariella searched the news and read it on the Internet after going home, but she couldn't figure out the reason. 

She felt so unhappy. 

She had just danced with those male idols and asked for their signatures. 

Why was the team suddenly dissolved? 

When her brother Shepard came back from work, she asked, “Shepard, do you know why VX BOYZ was suddenly dissolved? Why?” 

“Dissolve? What are you talking about?” 

Shepard had just got off work from the hospital and hadn’t checked on the news. 

“This idol group… My idols!” 

Ariella showed her phone to Shepard, and the latter smiled disapprovingly after seeing the news. 

“Hey. What are you smiling at? Say something.” 

Shepard turned around and explained in a serious tone, “There is only one reason behind the sudden dissolution of such an idol group.” 

“What’s that?” 

“You won’t understand even if I explain to you.” 


“Because you are silly.” 

Ariella was irritated. She grabbed a pillow and chased after him to hit him until Shepard begged for her forgiveness. 

“All right. All right. Let me tell you. There’s only one reason behind it. That is, they’ve offended the investors.” 

“Investors? Who?” 

“All top stars have investors behind them, don’t they?” 

“Once those investors withdraw their investments, the career of these idols naturally comes to an end.” 

“All right. This is not something you should ask about. Go take a shower and then go to bed.” 


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