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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 14

Chapter 14 You'd Better Behave Yourself

Cecelia was not the weak little girl who let others bully her.

Since she decided to come to the Nelson family, Cecelia already knew all the weaknesses of the people from the Nelson family.

She knew that Renee Janet won Samuel Nelson's heart with her beauty.

But no one knew the past of this woman.

Cecelia didn't want to expose her past, it was because she still needs to live here, and they would meet every day. But if Renee Janet continued to provoke her, she would definitely fight back.

Cecelia's words worked. Renee Janet never thought that she would say such a thing. Did she know something about her?

The more Renee thought about it, the more terrified she felt. Now she clearly understood that Cecelia was not a weak girl.

Could it be that Leila Done had told her something?

Did she know her past?

How much else did she know?

If that was the case, then Cecelia knew too much, and she would be a threat to her, she needed to find a way to keep Cecelia's mouth.

"We will see! Cami, let's go!"

Renee said angrily and walked out of the villa, Camelia even glared at her before leaving.

Florence Omar saw everything and felt that finally have someone who can deal with these troublesome people.

After driving away the uninvited guest, Cecelia carried her son upstairs, "Andres, do you want to sleep with Mommy tonight?"

Andres Nelson nodded.

"Then you need to stay here alone for a while, because Mommy needs to help your dad to take a bath, and will come to you soon, okay?"

The little guy nodded again. He could sleep with Mommy tonight! He has never slept with Mommy before!

After sending the child back to the children's room, Cecelia returned to the master bedroom. Hearing footsteps, Remington asked, "They're gone?"

"Yes, your dear Cami is left. Do I need to call her back? Then you two have time to chat."

"I dare you won't do that! Just mind your own dame business, do you hear me?"

Actually, it was nothing happened between them, it just Camelia who was so obsessed with him.


And then Cecelia turned around and walked away. When Remington heard the footsteps, he shouted, "Hey! Where are you going?"

"That's not your business!"

Remington was out of ideas when facing this woman, she always spoke in a strange way, and every time she talked to him with a bad temper, even worst than his.

He even wondered if this woman come here to torture him on purpose!

After Cecelia said so, she left. After a while, she brought a basin of hot water and clean towels.

Hearing the sound of rushing water, Remington asked, "What are you going to do?"

Cecelia didn't say anything, and directly covered his face with a warm towel, "Hey, you..."

Cecelia began to wipe his face. Her moves were not gentle at all, she wiped his face rudely.

She wiped his face as she was wiping the table, venting all her grievances on his face.

"You know my name! Why can't you just call it when you need me?"

Cecelia threw the towel back into the basin.

"Cecelia! Are you here to take care of me, or to abuse me?" Remington protested dissatisfied.

"What do you think? Now your life is in my hands, you better behave well!"

After saying so, Cecelia wiped his arms. Remington was extremely depressed because this woman was fierce and always has many requirements.

Just forgot it, he didn't want to argue too much with a woman, so he changed the subject and asked, "What did you say downstairs?"

Remington could vaguely hear the voices downstairs, but he couldn't hear them clearly.

"Your dear Cami wants to stay and take care of you, so your stepmother wants me to leave tomorrow."

Hearing this, Remington suddenly felt nervous, and he asked subconsciously, "Then what did you say?"


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