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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Doing a Bad Thing with Good Intentions

"Mommy, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to..."

Cyrus lay prone on the ground and looked at the ashes all over the ground, feeling sad. He had done a bad thing with good intentions.


Verda and the others were shocked. Seeing this situation, they didn't know what to do.

Maximus helplessly shook his head when seeing Cyrus do such a stupid thing.

Cecelia walked over with a frown and helped Cyrus up. After confirming he was not injured, she turned to look at the ashes on the ground.

She felt so sad that tears fell one by one.

However, it was Cyrus who had spilled the ashes. And she couldn't beat him.

"I'm sorry, Mom."

Cecelia could only cup the ashes with her hands and put them into the urn bit by bit.

Cyrus felt self-blamed, so he also cried, "I'm sorry, Grandma. I didn't mean to throw you to the ground. I'm sorry."

Verda came over with a tool and said, "Miss Linsey, let me help you!"

When he squatted down to help, Cecelia suddenly screamed, "Verda, don't move!"

Verda froze, thinking she wanted to do it by herself. But her next movement surprised him.

Cecelia raised her hands and repeatedly smelled the ashes on them.

The two kids and Verda were shocked, wondering if it was her eccentricity. Why was she smelling ashes?

After repeatedly sniffing at her hands, Cecelia mumbled in shock, "No! No!"

Verda didn't know what was wrong, so he curiously asked, "What's the matter, Miss Linsey? What's wrong? Did you smell the scent of dirt in the ashes? Do you need me to carefully gather them with the tool?"

"Don't move!"

Cecelia waved her hand to stop him and said with a serious expression, "They are not ashes! There is something wrong with my mother's ashes!"

Cecelia had a keen sense of smell, so she had discovered it!

Verda asked in shock, "What? They are not ashes? What are they?"

The two kids widened their eyes and stared at Cecelia on the ground.

She rubbed the thing carefully with her fingers and said, "Quicklime! It's quicklime!"


Verda and the workers were so shocked that they fell silent. Then, Verda quickly lay prone on the ground and smelled it. There was indeed the smell of quicklime.

He then asked in confusion, "What's going on? Miss Linsey, why is the urn containing quicklime?"

Cecelia could not figure it out either, so she said, "Go fetch some water!"


When he brought a bottle of mineral water over, Cecelia filled a small container with a little powder and poured the water into it.

When the quicklime met the water, it immediately boiled, emitting white smoke and a burst of heat.

Cecelia stared at the mixture in the container and said, "It is undoubtedly quicklime! When quicklime meets water, it will produce calcium hydroxide and turn into slaked lime. The boiling, water vapor, and heat are all its chemical reactions."

While speaking, she kept blinking her eyes and thinking about why her mother's ashes had turned into quicklime.

If Cyrus had not fallen, she would not have noticed the smell or discovered it was quicklime instead of her mother's ashes in the urn.

Cyrus scratched his little head and asked, "Mommy, what's going on?"


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