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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Teaching the Bad People a Lesson

Someone had tampered with the air-conditioning in the lavatory and lowered the temperature to the lowest. When the cold air kept blowing in, the toilet was spraying dirty water. Sean was drenched and felt nauseated.

When he rushed to the sink to wash his hand, the water from the faucet was blood. Suddenly, the ceiling lamp on the top flickered, and a woman with disheveled hair and a bloody face appeared in the electronic mirror on the wall.


He was so frightened that he fell to the ground. The air was freezing. The sh*t was filthy and pungent. And the woman in the mirror was bleeding.


Sean was so scared that his legs went limp, so he couldn't get up. His stomach was cramping badly. And he felt unbearably cold. He had never been so scared, disgusted, or uncomfortable before. So, he even wanted to die.

Cyrus put a sign of " Service Suspended, Repair Pending " at the lavatory door and then ran back into the room.

"Max, how's it going on?"

Maximus's surveillance system had recorded Sean's embarrassing moments in the lavatory and the wonderful scenes at the banquet.

He packed all these materials, added mailboxes of multiple media with one click, and clicked "Send".

"OK! It's done!"

No one knew it was Maximus and Cyrus that had planned today's trick.

They wanted to teach those bastards a lesson for their mother.

When Cyrus received a message on his watch, he put on his peaked cap and said, "Mommy is waiting for us downstairs. Let's go!"


Maximus packed his things and left the room with Cyrus.

When Cecelia saw two kids running out of the hotel in the luxury car, Verda opened the car door and let them get on.

After getting in the car, Cyrus grinned, "Mum, are we good?"

Cecelia stroked their heads with a smile and replied, "You're amazing! My boys are the best!"

Verda started the car and said with a grin, "The Linsey family will suffer today. Cyrus and Max's attack will make them die a miserable death!"

"You're right! The media will report their scandal soon!"

After finishing speaking, Cyrus thought of something and asked, "By the way, Mommy, you said you found our brother. Where is he?"

"He's in the Nelson family."

When Cecelia showed Andres's photos on her phone to Cyrus and Maximus, the boys both leaned over.

Cyrus exclaimed, "Wow, he looks like us!"

Maximus said, "No, he looks the same as us!"

"Mommy, when can we meet our big brother?" Cyrus asked.

"You need to wait. I must strengthen the bond between him and me before bringing him out to meet you. Please be confident in me. I won't keep you waiting long!"

The kids expectantly nodded, thinking they would be invincible after reuniting with their brother.

When Cecelia was chatting with her sons, Verda stopped the car at the gate of the Westsite Columbarium.

"Here we are, Miss Linsey!"

After Verda got out of the car and opened the car door for Cecelia, the latter got off with the kids.


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