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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 3

Chapter 3 He Woke up Miraculously

Thinking that she had seen a ghost, Ophelia screamed and hid in her mother's arms. "Ah! Mom! Ghost! She's a ghost."

"Are you a ghost? Or are you still alive?" Gary asked in a panic.

He remembered that a burned body was found in the ashes after the devastating fire five years ago. Fearing that the police would investigate, Gary and his family cremated the body and buried it hastily under the assumption that it belonged to Cecelia.

Therefore, they were all panicked and scared when they saw Cecelia.

"I don't think she's a ghost. How could a ghost have a shadow? So, she is Cecelia? Is she still alive?" Heather asked in a state of great shock.

"Yes, I am Cecelia. I am still alive."

It was Martin who had passed away in the big fire five years ago.

Five years ago, Cecelia had escaped in a miserable state, but now, she was perfectly composed and fearless.

The past was still vivid in her mind. The lesson of blood and pain forced her to grow up.

She had become cold and tough enough to be invincible.

She would demand blood for blood for her mother, for the Done family, for Martin, and for herself.

Cecelia stood in front of them, and her cold eyes swept across their astonished faces. "I'm back again. Disappointed, huh?"

Heather was the first one to recover from the shock, and she faked a friendly smile. "Oh, Cece? You're really back. Thank God you are still alive. Do you know how your father and I have been through all these years? We all thought that you were dead and we've been sad until now."

Cecelia complained inwardly, "What a hypocrite woman! She's just as disgusting as before. Sad until now? I believe you've been gloating over my misfortune until now."

"I don't think you've been sad for me. Aunt Heather, immediately after my mother's passing, you couldn't wait to marry my father, and now the three of you are living a happy life together. My father has become a business tycoon, and you've become a rich lady of a prominent family. What glorious days!"

Two months after Cecelia's departure back then, her mother passed away, leaving Cecelia with an immense sense of regret for not being able to stay by her mother's side during her mother's final moments.

Cecelia would definitely find out how her mother died.

She believed it must have something to do with the people in front of her.

Heather tugged at Gary's sleeve secretly. Gary finally came to his senses and asked, "Cecelia, it turns out that you're still alive. Where have you been over the years? Why didn't you come back home?"

Although Gary seemed concerned about Cecelia, he was puzzled and even a little afraid.

"The girl looks hostile against us. Why on earth did she suddenly come back?" wondered Gary.

With a mocking smile on her face, Cecelia looked at Ophelia and said, "Look! I'm back now, and it so happens that I can attend my sister's wedding."

Ophelia got to her feet. Completely forgetting what had happened five years ago, she pleaded with puppy dog eyes, "Were you just serious, Cecelia? Are you really willing to marry Remington in my place?"

"Sure. I've been away for five years. Since I'm back, of course, I should do something for the Linsey family to repay your efforts," said Cecelia, words dripping with sarcasm.

In fact, Cecelia came back today just to marry Remington, no matter whether he would die soon.

Gary felt a little embarrassed, but he still responded, "I'm glad that you can think so. Since you are willing to marry Remington in your sister's place, then it's settled."

For Heather and Ophelia, a major issue would be resolved if Cecelia agreed to marry Remington. Furthermore, because the Nelsons had chosen Cecelia's birth chart, Heather, Gary, and Ophelia all agreed that Cecelia was the better choice to marry the dying Remington.

Soon, a servant rushed in and reported, "Mr. Linsey, Mrs. Linsey, the cars of the Nelson family have arrived. They are coming to pick up Miss Linsey."

"Okay. Tell them that we'll be ready soon."

Cecelia put on the wedding dress and veil prepared for Ophelia before she was helped out of the Linsey Residence.

The Nelson family was the top family among the top five families in the Center Cities, rich and prominent. They sent a lot of Rolls Royce to pick up the daughter of the Linsey family.

After Cecelia got into a luxury car, the convoy drove away.

Seeing the convoy moving far away, Heather rushed back home and said, "That's great, Ophelia. Since that bitch marries Remington, you don't have to marry him and become a widow anymore."

"It's said that Remington doesn't have much time left. Cecelia will surely become a widow soon." Ophelia gave a smug smile. She felt so happy to get rid of such a burden.


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