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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 4

Chapter 4 She Reached into His Clothes

The doctors and nurses hurried out of the room. Dr. Chamber, who had fallen on the ground after being injected with tranquilizers, was also dragged out of the room.

Carlos also left, leaving only Cecelia and Remington in the room.

Cecelia eyed Remington up and down quietly. He was injured. His head was bandaged, and he was in plaster from knee to calf.

With a frown, a straight nose, and his thin lips compressed together, his chiseled face still looked extremely charming.

He reached out to fumble for something on the bedside table.

Judging from his eyes and movements, Cecelia could easily tell that he might be blind.

It was undoubtedly a crushing blow for a God-favored genius to be crippled and blind.

He was just like an angel whose wings were broken.

Cecelia could understand and knew that he must be very painful.

She picked up the pillow from the ground and walked towards him.

Remington couldn't see her, but when he heard footsteps approaching, he yelled angrily, "I told you to get out. Did you hear me? I don't need anyone to take care of me. Fuck off!"

His body, which he was proud of, became disabled and he couldn't see anything.

Now he seemed to live in a living hell.

He didn't want anyone to see how miserable he was at the moment.

"Why do you ask me to get out? Your family brought me here to bring blessing to you. I'm your wife from now on."

Cecelia put the pillow behind him, regardless of his resistance.

Remington grabbed her wrist by instinct and roared, "Wife? What nonsense are you talking about? I didn't promise to marry you. Since they brought you here, ask them to send you back. Get the hell out of here! Do you hear me?"

With that, Remington shoved Cecelia away so hard that he fell back to the bed.

Cecelia staggered two steps before she regained her balance. Staring at the domineering man, she smiled and said, "I won't get out. It's not easy to get a chance to marry you. This is the dream of many ladies. As long as I marry you, I will be Mrs. Nelson, the future hostess of the Nelson family. Why should I give up such a good opportunity?"

"No matter what you think, I won't admit that you are my wife."

Hearing what she said, Remington misunderstood that she was a gold-digger who wanted to stay because she coveted the wealth and power of the Nelson family.

"No matter whether you admit it or not, I am just your wife." Cecelia continued, "Whether you accept me or not, I will stay and take care of you until you recover."

In fact, Cecelia was here to pay him back.

Five years ago, he had helped her when she was in the most difficult time.

Now, she came back to repay him in the most difficult time for him.

"No, I don't need it. Do you hear me?" Remington roared hysterically.

"Mr. Nelson, although you've just woken up, your voice is loud and full of energy. It seems that you won't really die soon," teased Cecelia.

Although Remington was still in a rage, he just frowned at her words, and his handsome face was full of despair.

Her teasing tone made Remington frustrated.

"I'm in such a fury now. How can she still joke on me?" thought Remington.

Cecelia threw back the quilt and pinched the back of his foot.

Remington felt pain and frowned. "What are you doing?"

"Since you can still feel the pain, it means that your leg is just broken and not really paralyzed. You are just temporarily blind because of the pressure of blood clots on the nerves. I believe that as long as the clots disappear, you'll be able to see things again."

"You are not a doctor. I don't need your judgment. Get out!" yelled Remington.

Cecelia didn't go out but instead, approached him.


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