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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Grab Her Wrist

"I have already checked. The two bottles of medicine Dr. Chamber prescribed for you may seem to help with your bone recovery, but in fact, they have no therapeutic effect on your illness."

"What do you mean?"

"There are a lot of quinindium and tubocurarine in the medicine he prescribed. Do you know quinindium? Quinindium is a medicine used to treat heart disease, which is usually used for the treatment of symptoms such as early heartbeat, palpitation, and intermittent rapid heartbeat."

"But tubocurarine is a neuromuscular blocking drug that prevents amyotrophy and muscle weakness."

"The drug itself is helpful for the treatment of paralysis, but you are not paralyzed, so it is useless for you."

Remington asked, "do you mean that Dr. Chamber prescribed the wrong medicine for me? He has practiced medicine for many years. How could he possibly prescribe the wrong medicine?"

"You've hit the nail on the head! Since Dr. Chamber is your personal doctor of the Nelson family, and the Chamber family has been practicing medicine for generations, would he prescribe the wrong medicine?"

Cecelia continued to explain, "If it was impossible for him to prescribe the wrong medicine, then there was only one possibility!"


"He drugged you on purpose!"

"Does Jackson want to die? How dare he do that?" Remington said angrily.

"I don't know why. Maybe you have to investigate it yourself after you recover. I just helped you find out the ingredients of the medicine. The problem with the medicine he prescribed is quinindium. That medicine shouldn't contain quinindium. Tubocurarine can prevent muscle weakness, but the side effect of quinindium will aggravate muscle weakness. If the two kinds of medicine, tubocurarine and quinindium, are mixed together, they have the opposite effect. Even normal people who take them for a long time may become paralyzed or even poisoned!"

Remington frowned after hearing that. He was thinking about what Cecelia had just said.

Would the medicine prescribed by Jackson really do harm to his health?

But Jackson and his father were both private doctors of the Nelson family. They had worked for the Nelson family for generations, and the Chamber family was honest and kind-hearted. Why did he do that?

Before Remington's car accident, he was the head of the family. Everyone respected him.

But now, the car accident made him paralyzed and blind, so those despicable people dared to attack him?

Did they really think he was disabled?

The biggest problem now was that he lost sight, so he can't handle many things.

What Cecelia said was true? Was she really helping him?

"Since you said there was something wrong with the medicine prescribed by Dr. Chamber, then what medicine did you give me?"

"I just said that it's a kind of medicine that can promote blood circulation and dissipate blood stasis. The blood clot in your brain constricts the nerves. Taking the medicine can help you recover your eyes and limbs." Cecelia explained.

"Can I believe you? What if your medicine is poisonous?" Remington asked.

Cecelia suddenly lowered her head, got close to him and said, "If I wanted to kill you, I would have already done it. If you are a coward and afraid that I will hurt you, then you don't have to take this medicine!"

Cecelia turned around and was about to leave, but her wrist was grabbed by Remington.

Although he couldn't see her, he still grabbed her wrist firmly by feeling.

"I'm not a coward. Give me the medicine!"

How could he be a coward?

Cecelia poured the pills into his hand and handed him a glass of water. When Remington reached for the glass, his broad palm just wrapped her hand.

Cecelia's hand, which was holding the handle of the cup, suddenly paused and she wanted to take it back subconsciously, but the man held her hand and sent it to his mouth along with the cup.

After drinking the water, he let go of her hand.

Cecelia walked away with the cup. Then she heard Remington say, "I'm hungry!"

"Didn't you say that you don't want to eat?"


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