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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 84

Chapter 84 She Couldn't Resist His Tough Initiative

Then she was told that Young Master Nelson had placed the order and asked them to deliver the goods to his home.

"Oh! Bing them in!"

Looking over the order and browsing through the items on the list, Florence found that most of the things Young Master Remi had bought were women's clothing and jewelry. She nodded in relief.

Young Master Remi was becoming more considerate. He finally knew that he should be nice to his wife.

Florence told them to take the things upstairs. Remington, who was in the living room, heard the noise. But he couldn't speak now.

Maximus didn't even look over there because he knew what had been delivered.

All the goods were taken upstairs to the guest room where Cecelia kept her things, and Florence turned to Remington, who was tied up, after she had sent the others away.

She didn't go up to untie him because she knew it had to be Young Master Andres. If she had untied Remington, Young Master Andres would have made a fuss.

In the evening, Cecelia returned from outside. She saw her son Maximus sitting on the couch playing a video game, and then she saw Remington untie himself.

He ripped the tape off his mouth, heard familiar footsteps coming in, and asked, "Is that Cecelia? Have you seen Andres?"

"Isn't Andres right in front of you?"


Remington became a little depressed. When his son had been so dull that he didn't even make a sound, which made him think that the boy had gone out long ago.

Cecelia stroked her son's head and then went upstairs to change. When she returned to the guest room, she was startled.


She called out to Florence and asked, "What's going on in this room?"

Florence smiled and explained, "Young Madam Cece, these are all prepared for you by Young Master Remi himself. These are his gifts for you, and I hope you like them."

Looking at the jewelry, Cecelia counted that there were at least hundreds of pieces here. And all of them were from famous jewelry brands, and the price of each piece was expensive. And these clothes were also all from the top luxury brands.

This was too much!

She wanted to know what was wrong with Remington.

Who would buy such things?

It looked like he had robbed some jewelry and clothing stores!

"The Nelson family is rich. This is just a small token from Young Master Remi. Young Madam Cece, please take it!"

There was a hint of a shadow on Cecelia's charming, unapproachable face. She couldn't help but think of the saying, "If you don't want something from someone, you won't bring them a gift."

Did Remington want something from her?

Or did he want to end his contract with her and this was his generous reward for her?

After changing her clothes, Cecelia came downstairs. Her son Maximus had gone off somewhere, leaving Remington alone to move his wheelchair, tentatively moving forward with a cane in his hand.

"Are you going back to your room?"

"Yes, push me there."

Cecelia pushed him back to his room, and Remington was going to change his clothes, "Help me find some clothes to change into."

Cecelia looked at his white shirt, it was stained and smelled bad.

"What's that smell on you? So smelly!"

"Blue cheese. Andres' good work!"

Remington's expression was dark. This afternoon, he accompanied his son and was tortured by his son all afternoon.

The brat had so many pranks.

Cecelia wanted to laugh at Remington's reply. She hadn't even told him that not only did he have blue cheese on his shirt, but he also had some green turtles drawn on his shirt.

It was really hard to imagine that the bossy big figure in the business world was being bullied today. And the bully turned out to be a 5-year-old child.

Cecelia turned around and opened the closet, helped Remington find the clothes he needed to change into, and then helped him get dressed.

As she helped him put on his pants, she needed him to lift his legs and stand up to cooperate.

Remington braced his arms and stood up smoothly.

As she watched him stand steady in front of her, Cecelia said, "You're recovering faster than average. Can you walk now? Let's see you walk!"

Remington lifted his foot and stepped forward. His fracture had healed so much that he didn't feel any sharp pain when he walked.


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