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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 87

Chapter 87 After Learning the Inside Story, Young Master Remi Was About to Lose Sleep 

"Last time, I asked you who was living in the secluded cottage in the backyard of this house. Do you remember what you told me? 

"You said it was a crazy underling. But I got curious and went over there today to take a look, and do you know what I saw?" 


Remington felt his heart miss a beat. He wanted to know what she was going to say next. 

"I saw a woman! She was chained!" 

"And I talked to her. She's not crazy at all, and she said her name was Maryam Snow!" 

"How is that possible?" 

Remington couldn't believe it, "My aunt isn't abroad? Then who sent me those postcards..." 

"I didn't believe it at first. Until she showed me the birthmark on her neck, which fit all your description. She was begging me to save her!" 

Hearing this, Remington felt overwhelmed and clenched his fists. 

"How did my aunt end up in this mansion? Who kept her there?" 

"I don't know. But I saw Carlos in and out of that house TAKEING CARE OF her." 

"Carlos must be the one who knows what's going on, and he's loyal to my grandmother." 

"Did your grandmother set this up? Unlikely!" 

Cecelia continued her suspicions. 

"I'm going to find my aunt!" 

Remington couldn't calm down and got up straight away. 

Cecelia stopped him in time, "Take my advice, in your current condition, you'd better not alert your enemies yet. It won't be too late to save your aunt until your eyes are healed." 

Remington looked exceptionally sad. When he thought of Maryam, he naturally thought of his mother, Aurora. 

His Aunt Maryam took care of him just like his mother, but he never thought that Aunt Maryam would end up like this. 

There must be a big conspiracy! 

Carlos was only a housekeeper. How could he do such a thing in secret? 

When Remington closed his eyes, he could still hear his aunt and father arguing. His aunt wanted his father to pay with his life and to give her back her sister. He still remembered her wailing then. 

"Do you remember the last time you saw your aunt?" 

"After my mother disappeared, my aunt took care of me until one day I didn't see her at home after school. Carlos told me she had left the country and left me a letter." 

"I went to my father and he also told me that my aunt had a foreign boyfriend and that she had traveled abroad with him." 

"That could all be a lie. You lost your mother. Your aunt loved and cared for you so much. How could she bear to leave you alone?" 

Cecelia continued to hypothesize, "If I'm right, finding your aunt will most likely help you find your mother. Your aunt could be a very important clue." 

"Well, yes." 

Remington nodded, thinking that Cecelia's analysis made sense. 

"Besides, I still kind of want to know what happened 18 years ago, about your mother." 

"Why didn't your father look for your mother after she went missing, but married Renee?" 

"You can never forgive him because he did this, right?" 

Bringing up the incident of eighteen years ago was to dredge up a painful past that Remington least wanted to remember. 

Back then, his mother disappeared, his father remarried, and he had a stepmother... 

He felt his heart ache as he thought about it. His hands trembled slightly with anger. 

The veins on the backs of his hands and arms stood out. 

Seeing him so emotional, Cecelia sighed deeply, "You should know my father, Gary Linsey, right?" 

"He took a new wife shortly after my mother died." 

"So I can understand the pain in your heart." 

"I can't forgive my father either!" 

After Cecelia said this calmly, the two of them were silent for a long time. 

Remington probably hadn't expected her to share her stories so earnestly. He didn't even think about the fact that she and he had almost the same experience. 

Perhaps because of her sincerity, he gradually suppressed his anger. 

He was finally ready to reveal the past that had been suppressed in him. 

It turned out that when he was 8 years old, he saw his father and a woman getting into a car intimately. 


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