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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 88

Chapter 88 It Was Time to Get Rid of Her

"Esmee Nelson, you are not welcome here. Get out!"

From the angry tone of Cynthia, Cecelia knew that it must be Aunt Esmee of the Nelson family who came to the hospital to make trouble again.


She heard a slap and Esmee's arrogant voice. "Who do you think you are? You show no respect for your elder. I'm talking to my mother. Why do you keep interrupting me? It's you who should get out! Get out!"

Esmee pushed Cynthia out of the ward. Cynthia kept stepping back. Seeing that she was about to fall, Cecelia held her up in time.


Seeing Cecelia, Cynthia seemed to see a savior. She looked at Cecelia for help.

Cecelia looked at Esmee and questioned, "What are you doing here?"

Esmee didn't like Cecelia, so she crossed her arms and sneered.

"I'm here to visit my mother. What does it have to do with you? I've already known that your marriage with Remington is just an agreement. It won't be long before you get out of the Nelson family. What right have you to yell at me?"

"We are in the hospital now. If you want to quarrel, just go out!"

Cecelia frowned and stared at Esmee coldly.

The arrogant woman was still unwilling to give up. "I won't go out. What can you do to me? You were arranged to marry Remington to drive away the devil and his disease. Do you think you are the head of the Nelson family?"

"If you keep doing this, don't blame me for being rude!"

"What? Do you still want to hit me? Come on! Hit me!" Esmee said arrogantly.

Cecelia slapped Esmee two times in the face rudely. Being slapped, Esmee was very angry.

"Cecelia, how dare you! How dare you hit me! Don't you want to stay in the Nelson family anymore?"

"That's your request!" Cecelia said coldly.


Esmee ran into the room and shouted at Gabriella who was lying on the bed, "Old witch, look, is she the woman you look for to drive away the devil and Remington's disease? She's so rude! The Nelson family will be ruined by her sooner or later! Hurry up and drive her out of the Nelson family!"

Gabriella was extremely disappointed in her daughter Esmee. She turned around and didn't want to hear Esmee shouting.

Esmee wanted to continue, but was kicked out of the ward by Cecelia.


She was thrown out like a sack.

Several tall bodyguards ran over. Cecelia said coldly, "Drive that crazy woman out of the hospital!"

As soon as she gave the order, the bodyguards rushed in. They grabbed Esmee's arm and dragged her away regardless of her unwillingness.

"Hey... Let me go... Let me go..."

Esmee was finally driven out of the hospital. She was so angry that she glared at the gate of the hospital. Then she stamped her feet and left.

She picked up the phone and got through to a number.

"That Cecelia is so annoying! She always thwarts me! Can you find a way to make her shut up?"

On the other end of the line, it was Ronald who answered the phone. "I know, aunt. Just go and make trouble. I'll get rid of Cecelia!"

No one knew that Esmee was invited back by Ronald. His purpose was to make Esmee turn the Nelson family upside down.

Only in this way could he have the chance to disrupt the order and get the control of the Nelson family!

Everything was under his control, but after Cecelia appeared, his plans were ruined again and again.

It was time to get rid of her!


The ward was finally quiet. Cecelia and Cynthia walked in together.


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