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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 89

Chapter 89 Get Out! I Already Have a Girlfriend 

Through the sunglasses, Rupert saw the fat woman finish two large bowls of noodles in a short while. 

After the woman was full, she wiped her mouth and asked the waiter to take the bowls. 

After a while, a man in suit and leather shoes came in with his business bag. He looked around and then came to Ariella. 

"Excuse me, are you Miss Nuno?" 

"Yes, nice to meet you!" 

Ariella raised her head and looked at him up and down. He looked gentle, polite and decent, and had good looks. 

"Hello, my name is Josh Thompson." 

The man greeted her, sat down and began to look at her. 

Ariella sat upright and looked like a gentlewoman. Except for her plump figure, she was also from a rich family. 

Josh briefly introduced himself and said, "How about we order first? We can talk while eating." 


Josh called the waiter to order. After choosing his own dishes, he asked Ariella, "Miss Nuno, what would you like to eat?" 

Ariella propped her chin on one hand and said with a smile, "I just want a vegetable salad!" 

Josh showed a surprised expression. "Miss Nuno, do you just want to eat a salad? Would you be full?" 

"That's enough. In fact, I don't eat much. I only eat a little every meal." 

Ariella didn't want to frighten him the first time they met, so she ate noodles in advance and deliberately said that she didn't eat much. 

Rupert, who was sitting not far away, sneered at her words, 'She is so hypocritical. She ate two bowls of instant noodles just now.' 

After ordering the dishes, Josh began to talk with Ariella. In fact, Ariella didn't want to have the blind date at all, nor did she want to be in a relationship with a man she barely knew. 

When Josh asked her what requirements she wanted her mate to meet, Ariella said bluntly, "I hope my future husband is a billionaire, six feet tall, with a model-like figure. The sports car he drives is worth at least 30 million, and he lives in a first-grade mansion. He must be as handsome as Leonardo DiCaprio and Benedict Cumberbatch. I won't marry a man who doesn't have all these." 

Rupert was drinking coffee. Hearing her request, he almost spat it out. 

Didn't she have a clear estimation of herself? How dare she make such high requests of choosing a mate? 

After hearing that, the smile on Josh's face froze. He smiled awkwardly and said, "I think you have been influenced too much by those soap operas and novels. I'm sorry. I may not be your ideal mate!" 

Josh came here also because of his family. Now hearing what she said, he thought there was no need to go on talking. 

After saying that, he took his bag and left. 

"Alas, Mr. Thompson, are you leaving? Don't you want to talk to me for a while? Do you want to keep my phone number?" 

Ariella spoke loudly behind him. Josh walked faster and left the restaurant soon. 

Josh had left, but the dishes he ordered were still on the table, so Ariella started enjoying them. 

Ariella enjoyed the food happily. Rupert was amazed. He couldn't understand why there was such a weird woman in the world. 

Rupert watched her eat to kill time while waiting. Soon, a coquettish woman in a black evening dress walked into the restaurant. 

As soon as Linda entered the restaurant, she found Rupert and walked towards him. 

"I'm sorry, Mr. Jackbone. I'm late!" 

Hearing this, Rupert withdrew his gaze. He looked down at his watch and said, "You are 3 minutes late. You can get out now!" 

Hearing what he said, Linda's face turned pale. "Mr. Jackbone, I was caught in a traffic jam and..." 

"I don't want to hear any explanation!" 

Rupert took out a check and slapped it in front of her. "Take this check and get out of here!" 

"Mr. Jackbone, please give me one more chance." 

Compared with the check, Linda was more interested in him, the golden bachelor. Everyone wanted to marry a rich man. 

Seeing that she didn't intend to give up, Rupert stood up and was about to leave, but Linda held his thigh and said, "Mr. Jackbone, give me another chance. I won't be late next time! Please, Mr. Jackbone..." 


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