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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 93

Chapter 93 A Woman Tricked Him

Cecelia took out a grease-paper package from her arms, carefully giving it over, "Mr. Gordon, do not breathe to look carefully."

Finley focused his eyes on the object in her hand, holding his breath, waiting to see what the good stuff actually looked like.

Cecelia approached Finley, leaned close to him, and opened the package more carefully in front of him.

As soon as the package was opened, Cecelia whipped the package up and sprayed the powder all over Finley's face, blocking his eyes, mouth and nose.

"Miss Linsey, you..."

Before Finley could finish his sentence, Cecelia had grabbed him by the throat and pressed him to the table.

"Help... Help..."

As Finley called for help, Cecelia used a bamboo tube to blow a small black worm into his nasal cavity.

Her moves were so quick, and she managed to subdue Finley.

Little did Finley expect that a pretty woman would take him right under his nose.

He didn't even get a weapon out of the back of his waist!

Cecelia had already taken out a dagger and pressed it to Finley's neck. "Mr. Gordon, I'm sorry!"

"You... Don't you dare trick me..."

"What's wrong? Usually Mr. Gordon tricked around. Don't you allow others to do the same thing to you?"

"Just now I just used a little honey trap. I did not think Mr. Gordon would really fall for it. Men... are all the same."

Cecelia gave a cold snort.

"You lied... You dare to lie to me... What did you just put in my nose? What itches so..."

Finley felt something in his nose. It was itchy and uncomfortable. He wanted to sneeze, but he couldn't get it out.

"Mr. Gordon, I just put a prank bug in your body. You can't get angry easily. Otherwise, it will make you wish you were dead."

Cecelia withdrew the dagger and smiled.

Well, she got a little bit of expertise in poison, so if anyone bothered her, good luck with that.

"Dare to cheat me! See how I will..."

Mr. Gordon got free and he jumped angrily at her. However, just as he got angry, the worm in his body began to bite him.

The pain came and made Finley fall to the ground and roll constantly.

Cecelia was sitting in the position he had just been in, and she used a dagger to trim her nails.

She had a leisurely posture, but she had that energy to make people submissive.

Finley couldn't bear the pain, and finally, lying on the ground, he began to beg her, "Miss Linsey... Forgive me... I... I don't want that batch of goods..."

Cecelia said with a smile, "Mr. Gordon, I just want to save my sons. As long as they are OK, you will be OK."

"Good... Good... Help me... I'll release them..."

Finley was sweating. He was suffering from torture.

Cecelia heard this, took out a pill and threw it to him. "Take it, and you won't suffer."

No matter what it was, Finley grabbed it and swallowed it. Soon, his body didn't hurt.

Finley stood up from the ground, immediately turned around and took out a weapon and aimed at Cecelia.


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