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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 94

Chapter 94 Never Ever Offend Her

Andres made a gesture to tell Cyrus that they couldn't just leave like this. It was too easy for the kidnappers.

They wanted them to know their strength!

Andres was definitely a master of this.

He ran to a shelf and pushed hard.

Suddenly, a shelf was pushed down, and then all the shelves fell like Domino.

Those antique treasures all fell down and smashed.

"Ha ha, it's fun. I want to play, too."

Cyrus understood what he meant. He also ran to another shelf and pushed hard, but he didn't move it. He could only ask Andres.

Andres came to help, and the two children worked together to push down the shelves, and the whole row of shelves also collapsed.

When Finley came here with Cecelia, he heard a loud sound.

Cecelia asked, "Mr. Gordon, what's going on inside?"

"Oh, damn..."

As soon as Finley heard the sound, he knew that it was the sound of his treasures falling to the ground in the warehouse. He quickly opened the door and ran in.

At a glance, he saw that all the shelves inside collapsed, all kinds of antique porcelain were smashed, and Finley's blood pressure almost soared.

"Who did it!" he shouted.

It was killing him, wasn't it?

Finley was about to spit blood out of desperation. Cecelia saw that there was a mess in it and no one was there. She asked, "Mr. Gordon, where are my two sons? Where are they? Don't lie!"

Hearing mommy's voice, two children ran out of the side corner.


Cyrus ran to her, and Andres also came.

"Cyrus, Andres!"

Cecelia opened her arms to embrace them, and finally held them in her arms.

Seeing that the children are not injured. Cecelia was relieved.

At the end of the hug, she crouched down and asked, "Son, how are you? Are you okay? Are you hurt?"

Cyrus cried with a smile, "Mommy, we are OK. I knocked down the bad people here and saved Andres. Then Andres came up with an idea. We pushed down all the shelves. It's fun!"

"I see!"

Finley heard that it was the two children who knocked down all the shelves. He couldn't believe it.

"It's your two little things who did it! Look what you've done? Smash all my goods!"

Cecelia stood up, curved her lips and asked, "Mr. Gordon, just now you said that your people and your life are mine. How come now you say they are your goods? Blame yourself. You took them here."

Finley was so angry, but he couldn't say it. "It's not like that. I'm not worried about my stuff... I mean, it's a good smash! My warehouse needs renovation. Ha ha ha."

"Do you want me to help you smash the rest of the shelves?" Cecelia asked with a smile.

"No need, no need... Are you tired, Miss Linsey? Please take these two little guys back! Today, I did something wrong. I apologize. I'm sorry."

Finley didn't dare to argue with Cecelia. Now his life was her decision. He had to beg her, say nice things to her and follow her instructions.

"Well, I'll take them back."

Cecelia took the children and turned away.

"Miss Linsey, take it easy! Don't forget the antidote!"

Finley waved to her at the back and looked back at the warehouse. His heart was dripping blood.

If he had known that he would lose so much, he would not have dared to offend the woman.


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