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My Darling, My Dearest novel Chapter 80

Aaron was speechless for a while. Still skeptical, he agreed dryly.

He had liked Celine since before. Besides her beautiful face, he liked her more because she was Jack's woman.

Any girl that Jack loved was a challenge for any other man.

Although he didn't want to offend Jack, he still wanted to chase his woman.

The main reason why these people were always flocking around Celine was because of Jack. He was that powerful and a lot of people wanted to butt him up.

It was very normal. But in Celine's eyes, she had always assumed that they were simply attracted to her.

Failing to get the answer he wanted, Aaron didn't say anything more. He sent her back after they left the hospital.

What they didn't know was that Jack was involved in a car accident. In Rachel's words, they were a real couple who got in trouble together.

Jack didn't go out today and just stayed in the Rachel's house. He had asked Austin to bring his work so he didn't have to go to the office.

He planned to go to the company after removing the stitches on his forehead. But that had ■d

yet to happen in two days. He didn't want to attract too much attention, especially about the car accident.

Jack didn't want to think about that anymore. Fortunately, Rachel was not at home this morning. Otherwise, he didn't know how to face her. For the past two nights, she was the only person in his dreams.

He had never expressed any desire towards Rachel before and he definitely did not want to bring it up right now. He felt too guilty after she had appeared in his dreams for two consecutive nights.

It must be because he hadn't had sex for a long time. Jack considered whether he should leave her place a few days, just to calm himself down.

Just as he was thinking, his father called him. Jonathan asked him if he had already moved in with Rachel.

Jack laughed in his heart. His father knew exactly what had happened, but he pretended not to know.

The old man was very smart. He believed himself to be generous in allowing them to divorce, so long as they agreed to this condition.

Jack was sure that his father would come to visit them in the near future.

"I moved in a couple days ago," he answered.

"Okay." Jonathan paused for a while, and then nonchalantly said, "I'm going out the day after tomorrow to visit you."

'Visit us?' ■d

Jack furrowed his eyebrows.

He knew what his father was thinking. 'Whatever you say, I won't say no. I know I won't be able to stop you,'

Jack thought. He had already guessed that his father might have some other plans.

"So, you are coming the day after tomorrow?" Jack repeated.

"Mm hmm." Jonathan dragged the conversation longer, on purpose. "So, did you sign the divorce agreement?"

When they signed the agreement yesterday, the lawyer called his father. Jack laughed at the show his father was playing right now.

"Didn't Mr. Zhuo call you yesterday?" he pointed


"Ahem!" Jonathan coughed on the other side of the phone, attempting to change the topic. "I will visit you the day after tomorrow..."

Jack touched his forehead and said helplessly, "Alright, I'm not stopping you."

Hearing this, the old man felt a little unhappy and mumbled, "It seems that I am not welcomed there."

"Do I need to raise a flag to welcome you here?"

Celine, on the other hand, didn't call Jack anymore. She posted the photo of her injuries on her social media, attracting several comments that asked her about her condition.

By noon time, she still hadn't gotten a call from ■d


Rachel was ready to leave her office when she received a call from Jack.

"Are you coming back soon?" Rachel hesitated but replied, "Yes."

He leisurely stretched his legs on the sofa and asked, "Will you come back to cook or will we go out for dinner tonight?"

Rachel was a little surprised and said, "I will cook at home."

"Okay, I'll wait for you."

Holding her cell phone, Rachel was stunned. She didn't sign up to be his nanny!

"You can go out for dinner." She was refusing


To her surprise, Jack said, "Since you want to cook, then let's eat together. It's not easy to cook for one person."

Rachel was rendered speechless by him. It wasn't so easy to cook a single meal, but what did he have anything to do with it?

Then he continued, "Besides, most of take-out foods are too spicy."


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