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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 11

Chapter 11 When Will You Come Back? 

Natalie acted decisively. 

Last night, she said she wanted to break off the relationship with her family, and today, she was about to talk to a lawyer about this matter. 

Kendrick took out a business card from the cabinet in front of the desk with his slender fingers, pushed it to the edge of the desk, and said, "I will tell Matthew Cline, my lawyer, about this in advance. Just consult him if you want any help." 

Natalie took the business card over with both hands and nodded. "OK, thank you." 

She turned to leave but was suddenly stopped by him. 

A black credit card was handed to her, and Kendrick tapped on it with his forefinger. "Take it." 

Natalie was stunned. 

She didn't expect that Kendrick would still be willing to give her money. 

After all, the original host of this body never went to work and kept using Kendrick's money. She even took the money from his card and gave it to Orion. In the end, his account was frozen by the bank for illegally embezzling assets. 

Natalie looked at him in confusion. 

"You need money!" 

Kendrick's explanation was simple and clear, but it struck her straight to the heart. 

She thought, "Indeed, the account balance on the original host's bank card is shabby, and after coming to this world, I haven't found any way to apply my medical skills. As a result, I really need money." 

Instead of being polite, Natalie directly accepted Kendrick's bank card. 

She grasped the edge of the card tightly, stood there, and thought for a while. Then she took the opportunity to say, "I can't take your money for nothing. I will do something to repay you." 

"Ashlynn and other maids do the household, Baron takes care of my daily life, and my driver as well as my security guards are available to me anytime," said Kendrick in a calm tone as he looked down at the document in front of him. 

Meanwhile, he thought, "Therefore, there is really nothing for her to do. 

Besides, she married me to be Mrs. Ramsey, not to be a maid. 

It's true that I'm not easy to get along with in business, but I will never mistreat my wife at home." 

"No," Natalie explained, "I have unique skills." 

She suddenly squatted down, looked up at him, and said solemnly, "I know how to massage and a little about acupuncture. These are what I have learned recently. Just like this!" She put her hands on his leg, massaged it, and continued, "This can promote blood circulation." 

Kendrick's gaze behind the frameless lens changed a bit. 

Natalie massaged upward and said, "I can also take care of you and massage you every day." 

Kendrick's legs were unconscious, but that did not mean he could not feel anything. 

Kendrick drew a breath and grasped her slender wrist. "That's enough!" 

He said casually, "These things are tedious and have little effect." 

He was sure that as time went on, Natalie would lose her patience. 

Kendrick was not enthusiastic about this and had little confidence in it. He did not expect to get up again at all. His daily exercise was merely to keep his muscles from degenerating and to keep himself vigorous enough to devote himself to his work to accomplish something. 

"Get out! I'm going to attend a meeting." 

Natalie didn't insist anymore. She went out, and as she walked downstairs, she met Baron. 


Baron bowed respectfully. "Mrs. Ramsey, what can I do for you?" 

"I want to ask about Mr. Ramsey." Natalie pursed her lips and looked earnest. "Can you show me the doctor's diagnosis and follow-up rehabilitation plan?" 

Baron looked doubtful. 

Natalie felt tired and speechless. 

She couldn't help but think, "Everyone here doesn't believe that I care about Kendrick. They always show a strange and even defensive look in front of me. 

Even Kendrick is a little wary of me and doesn't open his heart to me completely. 

I really want to know what kind of a person the original host is." 

Natalie explained again, "I want to know more about him so that I can take better care of him in the future." She stared at Baron's eyes, trying to convince him with her gaze, and continued, "I have married Kendrick for more than a year, and as his wife, I should take corresponding responsibilities. I have been confused and unreasonable in the past, but I will reform myself from now on. Please don't worry. I will never be as unreasonable as before." 

Baron stared at her with a pair of eyes that had seen everything, and all he saw in her eyes were sincerity and determination. 


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