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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Do You Need My Help?

Everyone was stunned for a moment.

They were startled by Natalie's intimate tone.

The people who had been very hungry and depressed all sat up straight, and their expressions varied. Some were shocked, some were puzzled, and some were curious.

Anyway, they were not hungry anymore, for they were now eager to know how Kendrick would react.

The person in charge of the meeting was so scared that he even wanted to throw the mobile phone out, but he did not dare. He braced himself to look up at Kendrick with trepidation, thinking that he might be fired tomorrow.

Kendrick frowned slightly and reached out to signal the assistant to give him the mobile phone.

"Hello, can you hear me?"

Natalie asked again because there was no response on the phone.

Kendrick took the phone, glanced at the faces of the group executives sitting at the table, who failed to manage their expressions well, and said slowly, "OK. The meeting has just ended. Wait a moment."

"That's a long meeting. It must have been a hard day for you. I'll wait for you. Be careful on the way!"

In the others' ears, Natalie's voice was clear, and her tone was cheerful.

They all thought it sounded like a little girl.

They all looked up and braced themselves to stare at Kendrick's face. Then they saw him smile slightly as he said "Okay" on the phone.

After hanging up, Kendrick said, "It's already late. The meeting is over. Go back to dinner."

After saying that, he took the lead to leave the conference room.

As soon as Kendrick left, the conference room was filled with voices. Eva Perry, the head of the channel market center, stood up from the chair and said, "When did Mr. Ramsey get married? Why don't we know anything?"

Normally, Kendrick's news was the first to be known by the channel marketing center because they were in charge of publicity and public relations.

"I don't know, and no one knows, but the voice we heard just now sounded very young. Could it be that Mrs. Ramsey is only eighteen years old?"

"Definitely not. Mr. Ramsey still has a moral bottom line."

"Why haven't you hurried to eat? Anyway, thanks to Mrs. Ramsey, or we will still be in a meeting now."

"That's true. I hope Mrs. Ramsey can remind her husband to go home for dinner on time every day."

The group executives in the conference room were not the only ones in a mixed and shocked mood.

In the small group chat of the president's office, Nigel was now being crazily mentioned.

[Nigel, when did Mr. Ramsey get married? Why is there no news? Do you know that?]

[Nigel must know. He just doesn't tell us. I'm hurt!]

[I heard that Mrs. Ramsey is only 18 years old and has just graduated from high school. Is it true? I'm really shocked! I don't expect Mr. Ramsey to be such a person!!]

Nigel was out to deal with the development project in West Goldburg. As soon as he got into his car, he was startled by the frantic messages popping up on his mobile phone. He clicked into the group chat and when he saw those messages, he patted his head, wondering in shock what had happened.

After figuring it out, he hurriedly sent a message. [Nigel: Mrs. Ramsey is not eighteen, but twenty-two. Don't spread false information.]

The group chat went crazy again.

[Do you have any pictures? Show me, and I'll treat you to coffee.]

[Forget about coffee. Just help him get a girlfriend!]

[Nigel: I don't have any pictures! Don't think about it. If Mr. Ramsey knows it, all your year-end bonus will be cleared.]

The group chat fell silent immediately. Then they began to send various emojis.

Seeing that, Nigel felt really tired.


Natalie had no idea that her phone call had aroused so much curiosity.

She was sitting on the sofa, watching TV with a pillow in her arms, and waiting for Kendrick to come back to eat together.

However, while watching TV, she fell asleep.

Suddenly, a voice came from the door.

Natalie woke up and saw Baron pushing Kendrick in. She quickly got up from the sofa, ran over, and said, "You're finally back."

"There was a traffic jam. You must wait for a long time."

"No." Natalie shook her head and pushed him to the dinner table. "Let's have dinner."

"Don't wait for me next time. It will delay your time," said Kendrick.

"It won't!" Natalie sat down and took the tableware for him. "It's no trouble waiting for you." She paused for a second and then said in confusion, "But I really don't understand why there was still a meeting at 7 p. m. It should be the time for dinner. In the past, I hated attending meetings the most when it was about time to eat."

As soon as she had finished speaking, she felt that something was wrong.


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