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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 111

Chapter 111 Seth's Urge

At ten o'clock at night.

Kendrick received a text message.

Seth was coming to visit him.

He didn't know what Natalie had said to Seth.

However, he wasn't very worried.

He knew that although Natalie would occasionally get angry, she always had a sense of propriety.

It was just that they were in the Ramsey family, so it was inevitable that they would be drawn into such family disputes and conflicts.

Suddenly, heavy footsteps came from outside the door.

Then Natalie's voice sounded, "Grandpa, with your visit, Kendrick will definitely recover faster!"

Leaning against the head of the bed, Kendrick smiled faintly.

"This woman talks the talk again," he thought.

The door was gently pushed open.

Seth walked in and held out his hand. "Don't move. Just lie on the bed!"

Natalie cleverly pulled over a chair for Seth to sit down and said tactically, "I'll leave you two alone."

Seth said in a deep voice, "Natalie has already told me about this matter, and I generally know what happened. What are you planning to do?"

After a short silence, Kendrick looked up and said in a gentle and respectful voice, "I'll listen to you, Grandpa."

"Why listen to me?" Seth said with a gloomy face, "It's up to you. Whether you want to send Melvin to jail or kick him off the board is fine. What would you like to do to vent your anger? Just say it!"

Kendrick frowned slightly. In the end, he said slowly, "I plan to rest for some time." His tone was weak but sincere. "I'm really tired of dealing with so many things that have happened during this time. No matter how cruel Melvin is, he's still my elder. I never thought of sending him to jail."

He coughed several times, which made his wounds hurt again. He frowned in pain, but he still said orderly, "My existence threatens him. How about this? I'll resign from Ramsey Group and retain only the shares. If needed, I can be a decision advisor."

Kendrick would never jump into a trap. He would only retreat in order to advance.

"Are you serious?"


Seth sighed, "It's not your fault. Why should you resign?" With an exasperated expression, he said angrily, "Melvin is really a jerk!"

He quickly calmed down and said, "Take a rest for a while. At the regular meeting next week, I will ask Melvin to publicly apologize to the shareholders and then take the blame and resign. I will help you promote the M&A of Ramsey Technology to reduce your pressure."

This actually gave Kendrick great support.

Kendrick quickly thanked him.

Seth pondered for a long time, and his gaze fell on the pillow beside Kendrick. "The matter of having a baby can be put on the agenda now. Do not focus solely on your work. Discuss it with Natalie. After all, she has been married to you for over a year."

Kendrick lowered his eyes and didn't speak. After a while, he looked up with his lips pursed and said, "Nat has been married to me for over a year, but I haven't actually promised her anything. I've been in bad health for so long, but she doesn't mind it at all. ​She has been taking care of me wholeheartedly."

Seth got his point. "Then arrange a position for her in Ramsey Group."

Kendrick continued, "She is also particularly filial and respectful to you. She's always very sensible. She has long been a member of the Ramsey family."

After saying that, he thought to himself, "A position means nothing.

Shares count the most."

Seth was a little surprised. "Do you want to give her some shares?"


Natalie was sitting on the sofa downstairs reading.

Upon hearing footsteps, she put down the book in her hand and then saw Seth coming downstairs.

"Grandpa, are you going back now?"

"Yes. You should also rest earlier. Call me if anything happens," said Seth in a soft voice.


"Take good care of him," Seth warned, "I will handle this matter, so don't be afraid. Did you hurt yourself from fall just now?"

Natalie shook her head. "I'm fine. Grandpa, do not be angry. It's bad for your health."

She walked Seth out, handed him the gift bag, and said, "Grandpa, here are the nutritional supplements I specially selected for you. Take them back and eat them every day, and you won't catch a cold in winter."

Seth accepted it and said, "Thank you."

"Let me walk you to the parking lot!"

"No, just go back." Seth waved his hand at her, and his voice softened unconsciously.

Seth had experienced ups and downs throughout his life.

He hadn't expected to be cared about so attentively in his later years.

Therefore, he would naturally feel somewhat touched.


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