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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 110

Chapter 110 Two Peas in a Pod

Seth's face darkened. He said in a magisterial voice, "What are you afraid of?"

Natalie lowered her eyes, as if she didn't dare to look at him.

"It involves human life. So important. Just don't hesitate and speak it out."

As he was an impetuous fellow, he just hated something like that.

But she was waiting.

The light of the study fell on her, making her poorer as she was soaked through. She just raised her face slowly and her tearful eyes were reddish about the rims.


There was a rattling at the door.

"Let go of me. Let me in."

Melvin's violent voice swelled from outside.

Sure enough, the idiot came here impatiently.

Before she arrived, she revealed to Melvin the fact that she would go here. She was sure that he would also come here as he felt guilty.

The door was pushed open vigorously. Melvin just ignored the persuasion and directly went in. He walked towards Natalie fiercely as he saw her.

Seeing that, she was terrified. She screamed and hurriedly ran behind Seth, "Grandpa, he wants to kill me."

Seth pounded the table and scolded Melvin, "What are you doing?"

Melvin stared at her with his bloodshot eyes. He pointed at her and said to Seth, "Dad, just don't believe what she has said. Kendrick's injury has nothing to do with me."

She hid behind Seth with coldness showing in her eyes.

Well, well Melvin!

You just confessed without torture, didn't you?

"Melvin, the news of Kendrick's injury is not revealed to the public. Then how do you know about it?"

Melvin was speechless, "..."

"That's none of your business." He had a glib tongue, "All I know is that you harbor evil intentions and want to have dirt on me."

He turned to Seth after saying that. He lidded his eyes quickly with an aggrieved look, "Dad, just don't listen to an outsider's slander and wrong your own son!"

"She has said nothing." Seth stared at his useless son with his breath becoming fast. He pounded the table and asked angrily, "Did you do this or not?"

Melvin looked at Natalie who was behind Seth, which made her so scared that she lowered her eyes.

He thought quickly in his mind.

So she came here to complain without saying anything about him.

He was sure that she had no evidence.

Otherwise, she would have spoken it out.

Thinking about it, Melvin denied the question confidently, "It has nothing to do with me. I swear."

And then he started his old trick again and sobbed out, "Dad, I'm sure mom won't wrong her child if she were still alive."

Natalie sneered and clicked the phone to play the audio.

"For god's sake, I must kill him this time, otherwise I can't take the aggravation. I find that he recently goes to the neurological clinic rather frequently. Well, I don't know if his legs are all right. This time you can just ask your men to have a check. Probably he just pretends it. Two high school students? Well, good, good idea! Isn't he always keen on charity education? Just let him blunder in his work!"

Melvin was dumbfounded.

He didn't expect that she would keep the record in her hand and play it at that moment.

She squinted her eyes slightly, showing great coldness.

Well, Melvin, you asked your men to hurt Kendrick, dared not admit it, lied and even used your own mother to fend for yourself.

This time, even though you survived, you would be greatly hurt.


A bone china teacup flew over and hit the wall behind Melvin, falling to pieces in an instant.

Seth was furious, "You wretch... you..." He became so angry that he couldn't express his rage with any words and could only pound the table wildly.


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