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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 123

Chapter 123 A Bad Man

He instantly narrowed his dark eyes, quickly put his fingertip on her lower jaw, and slowly swept along the inside.

Natalie had wanted to retaliate against him and never expected it to backfire on herself. When she was stunned, he pressed the finger against her palate. She felt so uncomfortable that tears welled up in her eyes. So, she held his hand to stop him from continuing.

But she underestimated his evilness. When Kendrick saw her slightly opened crimson lips and teary eyes, an undercurrent surged in his eyes, making them look like the deep sea without light.

He did not want to let her go. So, he played with the tip of her tongue and continued to tease her.

"Are you still biting me?"

His finger touched the position close to her throat, so her face turned pale.

Seeing her admit defeat, he slowly retracted his finger. When he picked up the cup on the table to feed her water, she turned her face aside.

His actions just now made her feel inexplicably ashamed and inadaptable.

He held the cup in front of her lips and coaxed her, saying, "Have some water."

Seeing her not respond, he chuckled, "What about I let you bite me again?"

Hearing this, she lowered her head and obediently drank the water.

After putting the cup down, Kendrick unhurriedly said, "You just came to the company and set a target of 15 million dollars. Many eyes are watching you. You must control risks in advance to avoid subsequent trouble."

Her face was still pale, although she had drunk the water.

Seeing her so pitiful, he gently stroked her forehead and said, "If you are determined, you can sign the contract with him."

They were on the same boat, so he would not let her bear the pressure alone. He would help her when she got in trouble.

Natalie finally caught her breath and said, "I have confidence. I have a unique judgment of character. And I believe he will become a remarkable success."

When she looked up at him, she did not dare to stare at his face for too long.

Suddenly, his phone rang. The takeaway had arrived. Then, she ate in unusual silence. She always talked during meals, so he was not used to her quiet today.

When Natalie was eating with her head down, she saw him reaching out one hand from the corner of her eye. So, she reflexively leaned aside to avoid it.

After he wiped the crumbs off her cheek, she saw a meaningful smile in his eyes. So, she felt she had misjudged him.

D*mn it! He turned out to be such a bad man!


Daisy swore she would seek revenge and make endless trouble for the marketing department at night. But the HR department made an appointment with her early in the morning.

The Ramsey Group was well organized and had high efficiency.

Before she could defend herself, the HR manager said with a smile, "According to our investigation and the feedback from your colleagues, we confirm you neglect your duty and create conflicts between colleagues at work. In addition, you lied on your resume. I am sorry, but you do not meet the employment requirements of the Ramsey Group."

Daisy was suddenly fired. And her name immediately disappeared from the OA system. She had left something in the office. But when she came back to fetch it, the access control system refused to let her in.

Everyone was incredibly happy to hear the news.

When Natalie came out with her notebook after a meeting, she walked past Sam's working desk and saw him carefully cleaning it.

When Sam heard Daisy had been fired in the morning, he was so happy that he wanted to let off fireworks at Ramsey Industrial Park to celebrate it. Daisy had not done him any favor and often rejected his requests for no reason. And he had even humbly begged her several times.

But he soon realized Natalie was not simple and suspected she was also some executive's woman. He could not afford to offend her, but he could avoid her. So, he instantly decided to stay away from her.

"Are you moving away?"

Although Natalie had come for only a few days, she was good at saying hypocritical words in the workplace.


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