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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 124

Chapter 124 Will You Abandon Me?

The weather was excellent on Sunday. Falling ginkgo leaves were everywhere on both sides of the street. Many tourists were taking pictures under the red wall. And autumn felt gentle.

Kendrick had a medical exam today. He had completed the acupuncture treatment. And the low-frequency pulse electrotherapy had started.

While waiting outside, Natalie was reading his medical exam report.

Judging from his current recovery speed, he could undergo the operation in the middle or at the end of this month.

When Owen came over and stood in front of her, she looked up and asked, "What's wrong?"

"We have trouble."

Natalie stood up and followed him to his office.

"The recovery drug GM-1 is banned."

Owen told her the bad news, turned on the computer, and printed out the recently banned drugs. GM-1 was on the list.

GM-1 was the most advanced drug to promote nerve growth and embryonic tissue development. Although its production process was extremely complex, it was powerful. Hamgrad had not mastered the technique yet. And it was rare in the world.

Natalie had been involved in the research and development of the drug, so she understood what Owen meant as soon as he mentioned it.

Owen said, "I have a spare injection. I brought it back in the name of academic research when I returned from abroad. But it is not enough. And the current domestic pharmaceutical technology cannot produce GM-1for the time being."

Natalie said with a deep frown, "GM-1 is the most important recovery drug. Unlike other drugs, it is indispensable."


Natalie shook her head, "There's no need to take such a big risk."

She glanced at the list of prohibited drugs and said, "We need to figure out a legal way. Can you contact other doctors and ask them to help bring some back in the name of academic research?"

Owen frowned, "The president signed the executive order in person, so the control must be strict. But I will give it a shoot."

"Thank you, Owen."

Owen gently smiled in response.

He was a sincere and kind person, so Natalie was willing to give him all the honors and a place in future textbooks.

Then, he seriously said, "Mr. Ramsey is recovering quickly. It is estimated that he can undergo surgery in mid-to-late October."

"Okay, please make the arrangements and notify him after you set the time. I will let him drop every work no matter what."

Natalie looked at Owen and soothed him, saying, "Don't worry. I'll be there too."

Owen sighed, "If Mr. Ramsey knows..."

Natalie sighed in a melancholy voice, "Let's wait until the surgery is successfully performed."


Natalie kept thinking about GM-1 after leaving Owen's office. And she googled President Williamson. He held a dual Ph.D. Ph.D. in quantum physics and economics, so he must be very smart. No wonder he had been voted as the president!

But he was not kind to the Ramsey Group. Since he had come to power, he had been committed to weakening the power of the plutocrats to reduce their influence on the economy. And the Ramsey Group bore the brunt of it.

Kendrick asked bedside her, "Why are you sighing?"

Natalie was surprised to hear it and asked, "Did I sigh?"


And her sign was low but sad.


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