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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 13

Chapter 13 All Kendrick Thinks About Is Natalie

When he said this, he smiled lightly, and there was a hint of banter in his dark eyes.

Natalie came to ask him about the family dinner this weekend.

However, it happened that he was about to take a bath.

"I can..." Natalie thought for a while and said earnestly, "fill the bathtub and help you find clothes. I'm now going to run the bath water for you."

After saying that, she walked towards the bathroom.

However, just as she had taken a few steps, Kendrick stopped her.

Natalie looked back and waited for his words.

"The bathroom is over there." Kendrick raised his finger and pointed in the other direction.

Natalie hurriedly turned around.

The bathroom was large, with low-key but luxurious decorations. There was a huge hand-carved jacuzzi and a projection screen on the wall for Kendrick to watch movies or read documents while bathing.

Natalie adjusted the water to the proper temperature.

At that moment, Kendrick had pushed the door in.

He had clean pajamas in his hand.

"Can you do it alone?" After thinking for a while, she said, "Do you need me to help you...undress?"

Meanwhile, she thought, "After all, we are husband and wife.

We have to face things like this in the future.

Therefore, it's better to say it in advance."

Natalie bit her lip, looked up into Kendrick's eyes, and did not dodge.

Kendrick was silent.

For some reason, he thought of Natalie's fair and sexy breast outline she revealed when she bent in front of him last night.

He thought, "She is really naive and ignorant in something like this.

Is that why she speaks without scruples?

Is she also like this in front of other men?"

Kendrick's eyes darkened, and he said in a low voice, "No, go out!"

Kendrick had been cold and distant. Tender as he seemed, he was cold inside.

Natalie was not afraid of his annoyance. She just explained gently and patiently, "I don't mean anything else. I just thought it would be more convenient for you to bathe with my help. If you are not used to it, we can do it in the future. I will leave you here alone. Just call my name if you need any help."

After closing the door, Natalie let out a sigh.

She thought, "I may be a little too hasty.

At this stage, Kendrick doesn't seem to be completely open to me, so I'm naturally not as close to him as Baron. Even though it seems normal and reasonable for me to say such words, Kendrick should not be used to exposing his wounds to me.

The original host of this body has married Kendrick for more than a year, but the two of them haven't had much communication, let alone intimate contact.

What's more, the original host has not yet dealt with her feelings thoroughly."


Kendrick leaned against the huge jacuzzi.

He thought, "She said that if I was not used to it, we could do such things in the future.

It's clear that she insists on taking care of me, and she seems very determined.

She seems gentle, but I can feel that she will do whatever she wants and will not give up easily.

She smiles more often than before.

Besides, she speaks more directly and never beats around the bush."

The warm water from the shower splashed over his body.

Kendrick closed his eyes.

For the first time, when he was in a bath, all he thought about was Natalie.

Kendrick suddenly opened his eyes.

He projected his mobile phone on the opposite screen and casually scanned some news, which was extremely boring.

After that, he reviewed the project plan made by someone unknown and found it so impractical that he felt the person in charge of it should be dismissed immediately.


Natalie went back to her bedroom to take a bath, dried her hair, and applied a facial mask.

Tomorrow was Friday, and she had to go back to the Ramsey's mansion with Kendrick.

However, she hadn't decided which dress to wear yet.

Natalie took off the facial mask and went into the cloakroom.

The room was actually connected to Kendrick's side bedroom. As a result, she could go directly to his side bedroom from here.

However, she felt it was a little impolite to do so.

In the cloakroom, there were all kinds of big-name dresses, many of which had not yet had the tags removed.

The jewelry inside was dazzling.

The shoe rack was full of various high heels, including those with crystal ribbons, thin heels, sloping heels, and so on.

Many of them were even limited.

It could be seen that in terms of food and clothing, Kendrick did not treat Natalie badly.

The original host had thought about selling these luxuries, but no one dared to buy them, for the trading channels of these goods were open.

No one dared to touch anything marked by Kendrick.

Natalie chose a few dresses in plain colors and was ready to ask for Kendrick's references.

Wearing a strawberry nightdress, Natalie walked out of her bedroom and happened to see Baron coming out of Kendrick's room. She whispered, "Did he go to sleep?"

"No, Mr. Ramsey is reading."

Natalie nodded, knocked at the door, and asked, "May I come in?"

After being permitted, she pushed the door open.

"I want you to give me some references." Natalie went over, laid several dresses on the bed, and said, "I selected a few plain dresses for the family dinner tomorrow. Help me see which one is suitable."

As soon as Kendrick moved his lips, he saw that Natalie stretched out her finger to stop him. "Don't say things like all these dresses are suitable for me or it's all up to me."

Meanwhile, she thought, "I have to block everything he wants to say in advance.

When talking with such a straightforward man, I can't beat around the bush. I have to be direct and persuasive. In case he may say something unpleasant, I have to give an early warning to stop him."

Thinking of this, Natalie said, "I'll try them on one by one in front of you. Help me choose one, okay?"

She decided to present all the options to Kendrick and then let him make the choice. She wanted to respect his opinion by doing so.

Since she had already said so, Kendrick could only agree.

Natalie ran to the cloakroom to try on the dresses.

The first one was a sleeveless A-line dress in blue and white, hemmed to the knee, revealing her delicate, fair calves. The dress was mature and professional, and its style was classic.

Kendrick put his finger on his lips, looked up and down for a few seconds, and then said, "Turn around."

Natalie turned with a gust of wind, and the fragrance of her body shampoo came up in the air.

"Try another one!"

The second one was a cherry-patterned chiffon dress in a ladylike style. The design of the waist made her waist look slim. The moment she came out of the cloakroom, Kendrick felt that she looked like a fairy.

Natalie was always a beautiful girl.

However, in the past, she had always shown a bitter face and never smiled.

As a result, she always looked dumb.

Now, she was smiling, and she looked confident and nimble.

Kendrick nodded.

He thought the dress was very nice.

Natalie looked pure and vivacious in this dress, but not frivolous. Therefore, Kendrick thought it was the most suitable for her to go to the family dinner.

"Wait, let me try the last one."

The last one was a white dress with palmitic patterns and stereo cutting. It was mature in style and bright in color.

Actually, all three dresses were very beautiful.

Kendrick chose the second one.

"Do you mean that cherry-pattern dress?" Natalie asked.

"Yes," said Kendrick simply.

It seemed that even one more word would cost him tens of billions.

Therefore, Natalie didn't expect him to say anything praising. She tilted her head and said, "OK, that's it then. I also think it's good."

There was a fragrance in the air. Natalie took a deep breath and said, "It smells so good. It's the smell of orange flowers."

She turned to look at the humidifier on the side, and there was a faint sweetness in the water mist that steamed out.

Kendrick needed essential oil to sleep at night.

It was provided for him by his psychiatrist.

"Orange flowers, bergamot, cedar, and chamomile." Natalie accurately pointed out the formula in the essential oil.

Kendrick turned sideways and handed her the bottle of essential oil beside the humidifier.

The words on the bottle were all in Fayman.

Natalie took a glance at it and then looked back at him. "It's better to apply this essential oil on your wrists and temples."

Natalie suspected that the room was cleaned by Ashlynn and the others, who did not know Fayman, so they dropped it directly into the humidifier.

Natalie smiled and said, "Give me your hand."

Kendrick reached out his hand.

Natalie caught it in her palm.


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