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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 19

Chapter 19 It Must be Because I am Sweet

Brett was still frightened, "I haven't come home for more than one year, so I didn't recognize Natalie at all at that time. Nancy asked me to drag Natalie out of that room, and I did it. Thank God it didn't go too far."

Maggie touched her chin and said, "Nat came back different from what she was before today, it's probably because someone backed her up so she spoke confidently."

Brett had been serving overseas before and had not seen Natalie in person, only in pictures. Today, he met her for the first time and was scolded by her. Her eyes were like knives wishing to cut him into pieces at that time.

Did Ken like Natalie's character?

Brett thought for a while and said, "Mind and behave yourself. Don't offend Ken."

"No," Maggie's face showed that Brett was a fool, "don't offend Nat, Brett."

Brett was speechless, but then he thought it seemed to be right.

Brett stood up and said, "I have other duties tonight, so I can't stay longer. I'll leave in a while after seeing Grandpa."

"Alright. I'll also read the script for a while."


Natalie threw the fish food in the wooden bowl into the pond, and a group of koi fish suddenly scrambled for food.

Then Natalie clasped her hands together and prayed silently.

When Natalie opened her eyes, Kendrick asked, "Are you making a wish?"

"Yeah." Natalie nodded, "It's said that koi fish will bring good luck. I saw so many beautiful koi fish at once, which means something good will happen soon."

Kendrick looked at Natalie with a smile.

"You can make a wish, too." Seeing Kendrick smiling, Natalie quickly proposed.

"I've seen these koi fish in the pond since I was a child." Kendrick said, "Making wishes doesn't work for me."

Kendrick only believed that he had control over his destiny.

Kendrick believed that man would conquer nature. In the game with nature, he wanted to win by half a piece.

However, Kendrick still closed his eyes.

Natalie did not know if Kendrick had made a wish. She guessed that he was probably fooling her.

Natalie squatted down and put her hand on the arms of Kendrick's wheelchair. Then she suddenly blinked and asked, "Do you believe in fate?"

Seeing that Kendrick was confused, Natalie added, "There are some predestined things, such as the encounter of two people."

Kendrick's expression told Natalie that he did not believe in fate very much.

"Well, do you believe in the existence of parallel worlds?" Natalie said, "There's another world beyond this one."

Kendrick stopped Natalie and said, "This may be better understood by discussing with professors of quantum physics. I have a professor friend, I can recommend him to you."

"Oh, no, thanks. I just suddenly thought of it and said it casually," Natalie explained with an awkward smile.

Kendrick probably could not understand it for a while when Natalie mentioned it suddenly.

After all, the scientific community had not yet reached a complete and systematic conclusion on this.

"Let's go back! There are too many mosquitoes here!"

"Are you attacked by mosquitoes?"

"Yeah, they only bite me!" Natalie mumbled, "It must be because I'm sweet and my blood tasted delicious."

A breeze was blowing in the moonlight. Kendrick chuckled, which made the stars and the moon lose their color, and made them not as dazzling as him at this moment.


Kendrick's bedroom in the Ramsey's mansion was cleaned up, and both his and Natalie's clothes were also arranged and placed at the end of the bed.

When Natalie accompanied Kendrick through the living room, Maggie stopped her.

"Nat, could you help me choose the script?" Maggie asked, "I heard that you've taken the course in literature appreciation, so I want to hear your opinion."

Hearing this, Natalie was confused, and she doubted whether she had ever taken the course.

Oh, that was the major that the original owner of this body dropped out of after two years.

"No problem!" Natalie replied directly.

It was called The Fallen Empire!

With these memories coming into Natalie's mind, she immediately sat up straight and glanced at the script on the table. Unexpectedly, she saw the script of The Fallen Empire!

Natalie picked up the script of The Fallen Empire, glanced at the outline of the story, and then handed it to Maggie in earnest.


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