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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Sleep on a Bed for the First Time 

Maggie referred to her opinion and analyzed it carefully. It was true that it was a good role for her. After all, she was a little-known actress and did not want to rely on her family. 

Natalie stood up. "I'll go upstairs." 

"Okay, thank you, Nat." 

Natalie thought, “You're welcome. You can help me a lot.” 

When she opened the door, Kendrick had already washed up and was on the bed, working with his tablet. 

After closing the door, Natalie suddenly remembered something.  Did they two have to sleep in a bed tonight? 

It seemed that there was no other place to sleep. 

Natalie took her clothes and went into the bathroom. She stayed inside for nearly an hour and dried her hair before she came out. 

She walked to the dressing table, applied skin lotion on her face, and then used eye cream. 

Anti-wrinkle around the eyes started from a young age. 

Kendrick glanced at her curiously. 

He thought, “Does she have to spend an hour taking a shower and twenty minutes applying lotion?” 

In the end, Natalie couldn't drag on any longer. She pursed her lips, walked to the other side silently, and climbed onto the bed. 

The bed was so big they could barely touch each other. But she was still nervous. 

When she got into bed, she met Kendrick's eyes. They tacitly did not speak. 

"I..." Natalie took a deep breath, "I don't have any bad sleeping habits." 

“God, what am I talking about? It sounds as if I want to sleep with him.” Natalie thought to herself. 

Kendrick put down his tablet and asked, "Is your face any better?" 

Natalie nodded. "The swelling has gone down." 

"How about your hand?" 

"It still hurts." 

Just as they were talking, there was a knock on the door. 

Natalie jumped off the bed to open the door. A servant brought a bag and told her that Brett had something to do and left and the bag was an apology gift. 

Natalie said thank you, picked up the bag, and looked at it. There were some ointments and fruits in it. She went to the bed and sat down and said, "Ointments and fruit from Brett." 

She didn't look at the ointment, unwrapped the fruit basket, forked a piece, and raised it to his lips. "Eat one." 

“I brushed my teeth." 

"Oh, okay." Natalie picked it up and put it in her mouth, "This melon looks very sweet. I can't keep it until tomorrow." 

She swallowed the melon and said, "Brett is very irritable. He almost crushed my wrist." 

"His temper has always been like this." Kendrick said, "He’s not a bad person." Especially after he had a relationship breakdown two years ago, Brett’s temper became even worse. 

It is said that he was dumped by a woman who played him for a fool. 

"He's your brother and sent you ointment and fruit for an apology. You can let it go now," she said magnanimously. 

"Turn your face around." Kendrick took the ointment, unscrewed the cap, dipped it in with a cotton swab, and applied the ointment. 

The breaths of the two intertwined. She could even feel his breath lingering on her cheek. 


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