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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Little Liar

"Can't I eat it?" Seth dropped his voice for a moment and muttered with a grievance, "Then I won't eat it. I don't like boiled eggs. I feel uncomfortable eating them."

Although doctors had repeatedly advised him to take protein supplements, he had ignored them all.

The youngsters in the family knew his temper well and didn't dare to restrain him.

The only person in the world who dared to stop Seth was Kendrick's grandmother, who died many years ago. Therefore, Seth had been very free these years.

"Indeed, it's a little hard to swallow." Natalie agreed with him at first. Then she quickly said, "But it can be scrunched and put in porridge, which is more nutritious." She squinted and smiled. "Grandpa, eating more eggs is good for your health, making you more energetic than young boys."

Then she shelled an egg and said, "I'll put it in porridge for you, okay?"

Her tone was gentle, but her attitude was firm.

There was a toughness in her bones.

"Fine, just do as you like." Seth gave up struggling.

Everyone was relieved and couldn't help looking at her with new eyes.

They all felt that Natalie seemed to have changed a lot.

Natalie took another egg with a calm face. She peeled half of the shell, handed it to Kendrick, and said, "Here you are."

Kendrick didn't take the egg but directly leaned his head over and took a bite.

Seeing that, Natalie couldn't help but think, "Hey!

Why did you bite directly?

I didn't intend to feed you!"

Maggie, sitting opposite, sipped some milk and frowned.

Meanwhile, she thought, "I really wish I was blind!"


Before leaving the Ramsey's mansion, Seth gave Natalie a red envelope, saying that it was pocket money.

The envelope was thin, and Natalie suspected that it was a check.

Seth personally gave it to Natalie in private, along with some grateful words.

It could be seen that Seth was still a little frightened.

Natalie accepted it and said, "Grandpa, just in case, you should always stay with someone. Remember to take the medicine prescribed by the doctor and take care of yourself."

Seth nodded and said, "OK, I will."

In the car, Natalie said to Kendrick in a mysterious tone, "Grandpa gave me a gift. He said he was grateful for my timely rescue. Guess what gift it is?"

"A check!"

Kendrick looked at her disappointed expression and wondered whether he should have deliberately guessed wrong several times to increase the interactive fun.

Natalie took out the red envelope and drew out the check with the value of 100 thousand dollars.

Seth actually gave 100 thousand dollars to her as her pocket money.

Natalie was quite shocked.

She carefully put it back and said, "Grandpa is really generous."

"You saved his life. He was shot in the heart in his early years, and the bullet remained in his body. Trapped by the medical level back then, the bullet couldn't be taken out. As he grows older, it has become a dangerous factor."

"Has it been taken out now?"

"The risk is too great, and no doctor dares to do the surgery."

Natalie fell silent.

Seth's early years were marked by ups and downs, surviving numerous deaths and suffering numerous injuries.

When he was in Norford, he shook the position of the former overlord, the Brewer family. He even caused many deaths of the Brewer family because of the sea business.

Therefore, the Brewer family and the Ramsey family had a grudge.

The plot was specially arranged in the original novel to make the male and female protagonists suffer, making their relationship full of ups and downs. Factors such as family conflicts, affairs in relationships, car accidents, miscarriages, etc. were all present in the novel, making it a wonderful drama about wealthy families.

Natalie was immersed in recalling the plots of the original novel.

Suddenly, she felt a grip.

She looked down and saw Kendrick reach over and squeeze a corner of her red envelope.

It was the hot news of Daily Finance.


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