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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 23

Chapter 23 A Kiss

"I was too concentrated on working and forgot the time," said Natalie as she thrust out her tongue. When she saw the tiredness on Kendrick's face, she felt distressed. "I know you are busy today. I saw the news."

As soon as she said that, Kendrick's eyes darkened.

Natalie pushed him downstairs and consoled him after thinking for a while, "Although the hotel business is a branch of the real estate industry, it is not easy to make it prosperous, especially in the current situation of industry saturation, which is a time to test your personal ability."

She glanced at him secretly and saw that his expression did not change much.

Natalie realized that what she had said was useless. It didn't comfort Kendrick at all. Therefore, she changed the topic and said, "The popularity of theme hotels and homestays has subsided, and now smart hotels are emerging. If we can seize this opportunity, Ramsey Group's hotel business may be able to overtake."

Hearing this, Kendrick stared at her subconsciously.

He thought, "This is not like what a 22-year-old girl can say.

The height, breadth, and depth of her strategic vision surpass that of the heads of every department of the hotel business that I have seen today. Those people are still thinking about how to attract customers from marketing and service, which is not competitive at all."

Kendrick immediately understood that this group of good-for-nothings was the reason why Ramsey Group's hotels had been losing money for years.

He had been putting up with it at the meeting, but on the way back, he had wanted to dismiss all these executives a thousand times.

"Well, I just said it casually," said Natalie in a reserved tone.

"I agree with your words. Is there a specific plan?" said Kendrick.

"I'm still working on it."

Natalie hadn't completed her project plan yet.

The two of them came to the dining room and sat down. Natalie frowned and said, "The problem now is not the future development direction of Ramsey Hotel, but whether you can transfer from the familiar financial business that has already been established, and whether there are available experienced people to help you promote the implementation. If not, all the plans are castles in the air."

She hit the bullseye and pointed out the current problem.

Kendrick pursed his lips, thought for a moment, and said, "If we want to promote a new business, but there is no one available around, the only way is..."


The two spoke in unison.

Kendrick's eyebrows, which had been wrinkling all the time, finally relaxed. He looked at Natalie deeply and said, "You really have a good vision of strategic investment!"

He used an affirmative sentence.

Hearing that, Natalie was very happy.

Although Natalie was a doctor of medicine, she also had a minor degree in marketing during her undergraduate course.

She also engaged in financial management and investment in private.

With talent and hard work, she had spent most of her time reading.

Therefore, she was young, but she knew more than ordinary people.

"I've been studying in-depth on this recently."

"Really?" Kendrick raised his eyebrows.

"Yes!" Natalie nodded. "I even bought a lot of books to read. Let's have dinner. I'm hungry."

After dinner, the two of them said good night to each other at the door.

Natalie squatted down, put her hands on the wheelchair, titled her head, and looked at Kendrick with a smile.

Kendrick asked, "What's wrong?"

He thought there was something on his face.

"If you are satisfied with my finished project plan, what will you pay me?"

Kendrick realized that Natalie was claiming benefits.

"I will pay you twice the market price of the consulting company."

It was indeed a huge sum of money.

Natalie, however, was no longer short of money.

"I don't want this." Natalie squinted and smiled, and Kendrick thought her smile was a little wicked.

He thought, "Why does she not want money?

Then what does she want?"

"It's too early to say it now." Natalie smiled. "I'm sure it won't embarrass you."

His perplexed and complicated expression pleased her. In recent days, Kendrick had relaxed more in front of her, and his expression was more diverse.

Looking at the handsome face in front of her, Natalie suddenly had an idea. She leaned over, kissed him softly on the cheek, and ran away after saying good night.

Kendrick lost his words for a while.

He couldn't help but think, "This little girl!

How could she directly run away after kissing me?

She really has no sense of responsibility!"



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