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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Max Is Embarrassed

Natalie straightened up and withdrew her hand.

The cashew nut beside Kendrick's mouth was gone.

Rose came in, bowed, and apologized again, "I'm sorry. I didn't stop her."

As an ordinary white-collar worker, she had to be humble.

Caitlyn had not yet cleared the coffee stains from her body, but she did not care about that. She just rushed directly to Kendrick.

Natalie counted to three in her heart.

Then Caitlyn cried directly.

She was not crying aloud, but there were tears in her eyes, and she bit her lips to keep them from trickling down.

Seeing that, Natalie thought, "Well, I should learn from her."

She dropped a cashew nut into her mouth and looked calm.

Kendrick raised his face and looked puzzled. "Mr. Wilson has gone!"

Caitlyn sniffed and looked at him. Then she looked at Natalie, pointed at her, and said, "Ken, this woman intentionally spilled coffee all over me."

The coffee stains were still on her head and body, and Caitlyn looked embarrassed.

Kendrick turned to look at Natalie.

"What happened?"

Caitlyn was so delighted that she failed to restrain her expression. She hurriedly said, "The coffee brought by Rose was too hot, and I accidentally spilled it on her document. Then this woman poured the coffee directly on my head." She cried and continued, "I didn't mean it at all."

Kendrick frowned. "So?"

Caitlyn pointed at Natalie and said, "I want this woman to apologize to me. In addition, she has to compensate for my clothes."

After she had said that, her forehead suddenly hurt, as Natalie threw a peanut directly on her forehead and said, "You are dreaming!"

Then she sneered, "You didn't mean it? Then I suggest you go to the hospital to check whether you have Parkinson's disease, or whether your cerebellum is naturally underdeveloped. You held the cup of coffee so firmly, but you actually spilled it. Rose's hand is blistered because of you, but she did not complain at all. Therefore, how dare you, the villain, complain first?"

Natalie thought, "I planned to let this go after she apologized and compensated Rose.

Anyway, I've vented my anger, so there is no need to entangle with her anymore. After all, this woman doesn't look very smart. I guess she will be in bad luck soon.

Unexpectedly, she actually dared to rush in and complain."

Thinking of this, Natalie pursed her lips and said, "Do you really want me to apologize? Fine, I'm okay with it, but, have you apologized to Rose?"

Caitlyn burst into tears. She turned around, tugged at Rose's sleeve, and choked, "Sorry, I didn't mean to."

Rose pulled her sleeve away.

She was not stupid.

Therefore, she knew whose side to stand on now.

"See? She didn't accept it." Natalie clapped her hands. "How about this? Rose's degree of scalding is moderate at the medical level. Now, you take a cup of hot coffee and pour it over your hands to achieve moderate scalding. In that case, you two should be even. After that, let's talk about the following matters."

Caitlyn didn't know what to say.

She motioned desperately to Rose with her gaze.

However, Rose ignored her with no expression.

Caitlyn got angry and said to Rose, "It was you who had to rush over and stretch out your hand to block it. Otherwise, the coffee wouldn't have touched you at all." After saying that, she turned to Kendrick and cried, "Ken, I really didn't mean it. You can check the surveillance. It was she who took the initiative to stretch out her hand."

Hearing this, Rose finally raised her head. She took a deep breath and said, "If I didn't block it, that cup of coffee would have been spilled on Mrs. Ramsey."

Caitlyn's eyes widened, and she didn't understand.

She thought, "What is she talking about?

Mrs. Ramsey? Who?"

Kendrick turned his face, and his eyes darkened instantly. He asked Natalie, "Are you scalded?"

"No, but my project plan was ruined." Natalie raised her eyebrows. "It's worth about 1 billion. I have even made comments on it."

Kendrick had figured out what had happened. He frowned and said to Caitlyn, "You rushed in without permission. Now, you want my wife to apologize to you and compensate you, right?"

When Caitlyn heard this, her pupils widened again, and she thought, "His wife?

When did he get married?

Why don't I know anything about that?"

"Is that so?" Kendrick asked again.



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