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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 32

Chapter 32 Kendrick's Baby

Natalie waved her hand to the front.

Her hair was tied into a bun, and she was wearing a pink T-shirt and jeans.

She looked young and lively.

Spencer was not unheard of what Natalie had done before.

He even euphemistically asked Kendrick whether Natalie needed psychological counseling.

However, when Spencer saw Natalie now in person, he felt that she had a healthy vitality.

"Hello, Prof. Mercado!"

Natalie took the initiative to greet him.

Spencer smiled. "Hello."

Natalie first arranged Kendrick's position, then pulled out a chair and sat down. After that, she said with a smile, "Although we have now met for the first time, Prof. Mercado, you should know what I am, right? Therefore, I won't introduce myself."

Spencer said gently, "I know. You're Kendrick's..."

Kendrick suddenly looked up at him.

He immediately swallowed the word "baby".

When Spencer learned that Kendrick was being transferred to the hotel business because he slapped his aunt for the sake of his newly married wife, he asked Kendrick in a teasing tone why he suddenly treasured Natalie so much.

"What to eat?" Spencer spread out. "Would you like to order? Ladies first!"

"I'm not picky about eating!"

"She's not picky about eating!"

Spencer snapped his fingers and said, "You two are really tacit. OK, let me order." He laughed, "I have never failed in ordering food."

Looking at Spencer, Natalie thought, "I can see that Prof. Mercado is a humorous person.

He looks gentle as well.

It's really good for Kendrick to have such a positive friend."

When the two men met, they naturally talked about current politics and finance.

Kendrick asked, "What have you been busy with recently? I asked you out last time, but you stood me up."

Spencer took a spoonful of mushroom soup and said, "Don't mention it. Speaking of this, I'm really speechless."

Hearing this, Kendrick looked up at him.

"Last time I received a temporary notice from my superior and was asked to go on a business trip. Have you watched the latest episode of Science?" said Spencer with a speechless expression.

Natalie shook her head.

"The program team said that they found someone who claimed to be passing through the eschaton, and several major events he predicted were coincident with reality, including the tsunami in Faymany this year. He also said that the relationship between time and space could be deciphered, making the shuttle between time and space possible. However..."

Natalie looked up at him.

Speaking of this, Spencer indignantly said, "I went on a business trip there and found this man extremely unreliable." He pointed to his head and continued, "Later, we took him to the hospital and found that there was something wrong with his brain. He fancied he was a time passer. Now he has been in the mental hospital for six months, and it is said that he hasn't got any better yet."

Natalie's spoon suddenly fell into the soup.

"Sorry." Natalie forced a smile. "My hand slipped."

She picked up the spoon and said, "Prof. Mercado, do you believe in the existence of parallel worlds?"

"There is no doubt that quantum instability leads to the existence of parallel worlds, but so far, no exact evidence has been found, which may be subject to technology, making it unable to build links with other worlds," said Spencer.

Speaking of this, Spencer asked with curiosity, "Are you also interested in quantum mechanics?"

Of course, Natalie was not interested in that at all.

She said, "I'm just curious."

Natalie was afraid of arousing unnecessary suspicion if she asked too much.

She could feel that Kendrick's eyes had fallen upon her.

Seeing that she was splashed with some soup, Natalie said, "Excuse me, I need to go to the toilet for a moment."


After Natalie left her seat, Spencer said, "Your wife is very studious."

Kendrick said, "She suddenly started reading recently."


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