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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 87

Chapter 87 An Emergency

"What's going on?"

Without hesitation, Owen immediately stood up and walked out.

"Mr. Ramsey is already in a coma accompanied by allergic reactions."

Kendrick came over today to receive a new drug injection diagnosis and treatment.

Natalie followed up and asked, "What was he injected?"

Her tone was so sharp that the nurse was stunned for a moment before answering, "According to the plan, we injected NGF into his muscles today!"

NGF was a nerve growth factor.

It was the latest drug that promoted nerve cell growth. Owen brought it back from Cruxham.

"Besides NGF, is there anything else?"

"No!" said the nurse with certainty.

Natalie didn't ask any more questions and ran all the way to the ward.

Kendrick had fallen into a coma.

She quickly checked his breathing and said, "Get ready for CPR."

Owen immediately came over to help with chest compressions.

Three minutes later, Kendrick's heart returned to beating.

Suddenly, someone said, "He still needs artificial respiration!"

Natalie's ears moved.

"Let me do it!" she said.

"Mrs. Ramsey, please calm down. Let Dr. Gentry..." The nurse's anxious voice rang out.

However, before she could finish speaking, Natalie had already placed her hand on Kendrick's forehead and raised his chin with the other to keep it tilted back. She then took a deep breath and lowered her head to blow into his mouth.

After seeing his chest rise, she turned his face to one side. After hearing his breathing, she finally released his chin.

While doing all this, Natalie did not show any signs of panic.

Her professionalism and seriousness completely stunned the nurse.

"Inject adrenaline immediately, with a dose of 0.5mg each time and an interval of ten minutes!"

No one moved.

Natalie glanced coldly at them.

Owen ordered, "Just do it!"

After the first injection of adrenaline, Kendrick regained some of his consciousness.

Natalie carefully examined his body.

The rash that had originally spread to his chest began to subside.

His breathing became steady.

​His vital features were being restored gradually.

She straightened up and let out a long sigh of relief, "It's alright. Don't worry."

Looking at her, Owen suddenly felt that he was useless now.

"It's an allergy caused by excessive NGF injection. Reduce the dosage to 30ug from now on!" said Natalie.

Owen explained, "During the clinical trials conducted in Cruxham, 40ug is a safe dose range."

"I know," Natalie said, "but this drug has not been clinically tested in Hamgrad, so reducing it to 30ug is safer. Remember to change the injection sites to avoid affecting absorption! No medication is allowed 6 hours before injection!"

Owen said, "Got it!"

After speaking, the two looked up at each other.

They both felt a little weird.

Natalie coughed lightly and said, "He will wake up soon."

NGF was a new drug.

The sample size for clinical trials was not large enough.

Kendrick's immune system overreacted to it.

As a result, he encountered an allergic shock.

Fortunately, he was alright now.

Natalie bent down to grasp Kendrick's hand tightly and whispered, "It's okay now."

Then she said in her heart, "I am here.

It won't put you in any danger."

Natalie turned around and said to the nurse, "Let me know if he wakes up! I will personally explain this matter to Mr. Ramsey. You don't need to say too much. I don't want any unnecessary misunderstandings."

She went out and turned left to wash her face in the toilet.

Her body had been soaked in sweat.

Even her hair had been wet with sweat.


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