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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 86

Chapter 86 Baron's Suggestion

The girl in his arms let out a whimper.

A strand of hair fell on her lips, making her itchy.

Kendrick raised his hand and gently put the hair behind her ear.

Then he kissed her cheek close to her ear.

He whispered, "It's alright now. Continue to sleep."


At 6 a. m., Kendrick's alarm clock rang on time.

At the moment it rang, a hand reached over and turned it off.

The world then returned to tranquility.

At the same time, Baron was coming up from downstairs, ready to serve Kendrick.

Just as he arrived at the door, he received a message.

It was from Kendrick.

[Kendrick: Wait a moment. Don't come in now.]

Baron was puzzled and looked at the time. It was already six o'clock.

Usually, Kendrick had already gotten up at this time.

Therefore, Baron thought he was strange today.

He went downstairs and saw Ashlynn. Then he said, "Prepare breakfast later. Mr. Ramsey hasn't gotten up yet."

Ashlynn looked at the time and asked, "Is Mr. Ramsey feeling unwell today?"

Baron frowned and said, "Maybe because of the diagnosis and treatment yesterday, he's a bit tired today. Let's wait and see."

Ashlynn continued her housework.

When it was about eight o'clock, she asked in surprise, "It's so late now. Why hasn't Mr. Ramsey gotten up yet?"

She thought, "It's so strange!

As a work machine, Mr. Ramsey has a schedule that is almost accurate to every second.

What's going on today?

Moreover, Mrs. Ramsey hasn't gotten up as well."

Usually, Natalie would get up and have breakfast before 8 o'clock.

Even if she stayed up late the night before, she would still get up early in the morning. Otherwise, she would feel that the whole morning was wasted.

Baron said, "I'll go up and take a look again."


Natalie opened her eyes around 7:50.

She found something wrong.

She was not in her own bedroom.

After being stunned for a moment, she turned her face and bumped into a hard chest.

She looked up.

The next moment, she saw her husband's handsome face.

Then she finally remembered that yesterday she had wanted to hug Kendrick, who was feeling down, for a while longer.

Unexpectedly, she fell asleep in his bed.

Kendrick slowly opened his eyes and looked at her, who was stunned. Then he asked, "What's wrong?"

"What time is it now?"

Kendrick reached for his mobile phone and then said in a slightly hoarse voice, "7:50."

"What? That late?" Natalie panicked and said, "Did you sleep in today? Didn't the alarm clock ring? Is there a meeting this morning?"

Hearing that, Kendrick couldn't help but think, "What a touching good wife.

Even though at such a moment, she still doesn't forget to remind me of my work."

Then he said, "No."

Actually, there was a small meeting.

It was not very important.

Therefore, he postponed it to ten o'clock.

Suddenly, a knock came from outside the door, and Baron's voice rang out, "Mr. Ramsey, are you awake? Are you feeling unwell?"

In fact, Kendrick had only slept in for less than two hours.

However, it scared Baron so much that he even thought that Kendrick was not feeling well.

In a moment, the door was pushed open from the inside.

Natalie said with her face down, "Mr. Ramsey is awake. Just get in, Baron."

After finishing speaking, she ran away.

Baron revealed a surprised expression.

He thought, "Did they sleep together last night?

Very good."

He controlled his expression and pushed the door in.


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