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My Heart only Beats for You novel Chapter 635

The image of Tobias' eyes filled with sorrow immediately dispersed from her mind, and in its place was the scene where he embraced another woman.

Natalie's heart slowly firmed up.

Remington looked at Tobias and asked in a sarcastic tone, "Tobias, haven't you hurt Natalie enough last time? Natalie's blood was almost on your hands. Look at her now. Will you only be satisfied if you kill her?"

Remington's every word was like a sharp blade, piercing straight into Tobias' heart.

The image of Natalie stabbing a dagger into her own body surfaced in his mind.

Blood had spurted out from her body.

Tobias' body stiffened, and he remained motionless.

"Natalie, let's go," Remington said.

Remington led Natalie away, but they'd only taken a few steps when Tobias' voice rang out.

"Natalie, you're really leaving with him?"

His slow words were filled with an endless pit of sorrow.

Natalie felt the sadness infect her every being bit by bit.

Her steps subconsciously came to a stop.

"Natalie, don't get hurt anymore," came Remington's voice.

There was a fierce internal war going on inside Natalie's mind.

Part of her wanted to leave, and part of her wanted to stay.

One part of her did not want to see the sadness in Tobias' eyes.

One part of her reminded her that Tobias already had someone else, and that she should not give herself false hopes.

Furthermore, everything she had now was exactly what she wanted.

In the end, the latter part of herself won out.

Natalie left. She left with Remington just like that.

When she left, Natalie's footsteps weighed a thousand pounds. Every step she took tired her out endlessly.

A sudden desire surfaced in her heart.

She hoped that Tobias would call out to her again, and ask her to stop.

If only he did, she would have stopped this time.

However, Tobias remained silent.

It was not until Natalie and Remington returned to their seats, that the longing in her heart faded away.

All of a sudden, her heart was empty.

Natalie was no longer interested in the food that was on the table.

She couldn't even pretend anymore.

Natalie looked at the food on the table in a daze.

"Don't feel like eating?" Remington gazed at Natalie.

Natalie did not answer.

"Do you want to go back to him?" There was a sudden hint of coldness in Remington's tone.

Natalie subconsciously denied, "No, I don't!"

Remington stared at her. "Do you really not want to?"

She slowly opened her mouth. She wanted to deny his claim, but found that she could not say a word at all.

"You wanted him to stop you just now. As long as he called out to you one more time, you would've definitely stayed." It seemed that Remington had seen right through her.

Natalie's face fell.

She felt as if she had been seen through completely, with nothing left to hide.

"Remington, stop talking," Natalie pleaded in a low voice.

However, Remington went on.

He continued in a cold voice, "Natalie, I've always thought that once bitten twice shy, but now I know that this saying doesn't apply to you at all. Why don't you learn from your lessons?"

Suddenly, Remington paused, then raised his voice. "Natalie, don't make me look down on you."

The last sentence pierced right into Natalie's heart.

Her face was as pale as a sheet of paper.

He looked down on her...?

Not to mention Remington, Natalie felt that as of this moment, even she looked down upon herself.

She had gone so far as to leave Tobias, so much so that she had not even hesitated to stab the dagger into her body so decisively.

But now that Tobias really let her go, she was so reluctant to leave.


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