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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Was he hinting that she should tease him tonight?

Arabella responded quickly. [If I say I made a mistake, would you believe me?]

Kenneth frowned. [Then who do you want to send it to?]

Arabella suddenly felt like she was caught in the act. Hence, she could only take a screenshot of her chat with Aurora and send it to him. [See for yourself.]

Kenneth saw those pajamas, and he raised his sharp eyebrows. His narrow eyes overflowed with the air of a mature man.

He texted her back. [I see, you can buy them all and try them on for me, then I'll tell you which one I like.]

Arabella sat up from the bed, and she read his reply three times before replying to him with trembling fingers. [You hoodlum!]

Kenneth raised his eyebrows when he saw the word 'hoodlum'. After that, a peal of deep and pleasant laughter overflowed from his throat.

She was smart and calm, so she was rarely angry. This time, he knew he had made her nervous.

Kenneth texted her back slowly. [You're scolding me? I'll deal with you when I get back!]


Arabella lay back on the bed again. She was like a cooked prawn now. She could not look at his last text that said, 'I'll deal with you when I get back!'

Closing her eyes forcefully, Arabella shook off Kenneth's hateful yet handsome face in her mind. Then, she began to think about some serious business.

It was obvious that Melvin returned this time to be at odds with her. He was now one of the four giants in Hardgrad. He had power and status, so dealing with him would be very difficult.

This situation was very unfavorable to her.

Plus, it was a little weird. Why did Melvin say she was dirty, and that she was used by others?


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