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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Melvin sneered, "Well, haven't you been messing around with other men? They can play around with you. Why can't I?"

Arabella was going to hang up and even block his number.

But Melvin had realized that she was about to ring off, so he interrupted her, "Arabella, haven't you been trying to find out the cause of your Mom's death?"

Arabella blinked. Right, she came back this time for two reassons, one was to cure her grandfather, the other was to find out the real cause of her Mom's death.

She was told that her Mom died of an illness that year. However, her Mom was in good health, so it was impossible that she suddenly fell ill and passed away. She suspected that her Mom was murdered.

But Arabella couldn't find any clues. Everything about her Mom before she died was wiped clean.

Arabella always felt that there was a big conspiracy lurking in the dark. After her Mom died ten years ago, her grandfather slipped in a coma. Everyone she loved and those who loved her changed overnight and they all seemed to want her dead.

Arabella grabbed her phone and asked, "What do you want?"

"You couldn't possibly find anything right now, since there are no clues. I know a person that you must be very interested in. She is Janelle Stein."

Arabella was surprised. Janelle Stein was her Mom's maid and had watched her grow up.

Janelle was not one of the Snyder family. Instead, she was always at her Mom's side.

Unfortunately, Janelle vanished as soon as her Mom passed away. She had been looking for her for a very long time, but she never found her.

She didn't expect that Janelle was taken by Melvin.

"Arabella, I'll see you in the Room 8206 tomorrow evening." With these words, Melvin ended the phone call.


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