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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 25

Chapter 25

Who was that woman?

Kenneth was a mature man, and it was his personal cell phone. How could he let that woman answer it if they were not in an intimate relationship?

Besides, Kenneth was still taking a shower...

Was that woman his lover?

"What am I doing now?" Arabella thought.

She didn't know why the hell she was so curious about the relationship between that woman and Kenneth.

She had nothing to do with Kenneth, and Kenneth didn't have to help her!

She just married him as a replacement for her so-called sister, and there was an agreement between her and Kenneth, so it was normal for him to have a lover.

Arabella's hand was wet with cold sweat. She was nine years old when her life changed and was abandoned by her family. During ten years of living alone, she learned to grow up independently with loneliness and became a tough girl. Except Aurora, she no longer dared to easily trust anyone else.

She didn't want to be betrayed by her closest loved ones again and be hurt by them.

However, Kenneth just directly intruded into her life. He was so powerful and bossy that in such a short time, he broke the wall that she had built in her heart for ten years, and she began to depend on him.

Dependence was a horrible habit, and it could make one weak.

Arabella felt a bit bleak, but soon she calmed down. She took out her phone and sent a message to Melvin. "See you tomorrow night!"


Abroad, in the presidential suite, Sadie, the director of public relations of the company, looked at the phone in her hand with confusion. At this time, Cole came over. "Ms. Heath, what are you doing here? Who allowed you to answer the phone?"


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