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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Arabella turned her head aside to avoid his hand.

Kenneth's fingers froze in the air, but he asked instead of forcing her, "Has Melvin seen your face?"

"No." Arabella shook her head. She had been wearing a veil since she had been a child.

Kenneth was satisfied to hear it. She had extremely beautiful eyes, so when wearing a veil, she looked very mysterious and charming, making people eager to tear her veil off.

When he bowed his head to kiss her, she was shocked because she hadn't expected that he wanted to continue. She wanted to draw a line between them, but now, things had gotten out of her control.

"Mr. Lucero, I have already thanked you. If you continue to take liberties with me, I will bite you."

Kenneth's eyes were twinkling, and he looked untamed and sexy.

"Mrs. Lucero, I'm warning you! Don't bite me," he said and then kissed her.

Suddenly, the door of the ward was pushed open, and then, Randall said, "Ken, are you quarreling with... D*mn!"

After being disturbed, Kenneth immediately pulled Arabella into his arms to prevent Randall from seeing her and quickly cast a cold glance at him.

Randall covered his eyes and said, " Ken, I didn't see anything. I won't tell others that you two are kissing in the ward. You can go on!"

Then, he quickly ran away for fear of being beaten.

Arabella quickly pushed Kenneth away with a flushed face, ruining the romantic atmosphere.

Kenneth put one hand in his trouser pocket with a frown and said, "Eat something and go to bed early."

Then, he went out.


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