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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 35

Chapter 35

The next morning.

Arabella slowly opened her sleepy eyes. After a good sleep, she couldn't help lingering under the warm quilt and moved her face to the side.

However, there was no one beside her.

Kenneth had gotten up.

Arabella's slender eyelashes shuddered. She hadn’t wakened up last night, but she had sensed that someone was sleeping beside her.

It must be Kenneth, right?

Or, was it her delusion?

Arabella buried her face in the pillow and quickly smelled his clean fragrance. And the quilt was even still stained with his body temperature.

He had slept beside her, and they had hugged for a whole night.

Arabella lightly closed her eyes. She had decided to draw a clear line between them, but they had kissed and even slept together. What was going on?

When Arabella got up, Janelle was still in a coma. After giving her an acupuncture treatment, she discussed her condition with her attending physician and then returned to Floweret Garden.

In Floweret Garden.

Mrs. Sharon took Arabella's hand and said, "Bella, is Janelle getting better? You look tired after going to the hospital so often. The dark circles will soon appear under your eyes. Why don't you bring her back to Floweret Garden and hire a professional nurse to take care of her? It can kill two birds with one stone.”

Arabella felt warm and was touched. Mrs. Sharon was very kind and loving, but Arabella didn't want to trouble her, so she declined, "Grandma, the doctor said Janelle must stay in the hospital for a few more days because he needs to observe her condition. We need to wait until she wakes up, so I can’t bring her back now. Thanks for your concern."

Mrs. Sharon touched Arabella's head, saying in a loving way, saying, "Bella, you don’t need to thank me. We are family."


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