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The Pampering CEO: Don't Mess With My Secretly-Married Sweet Wife novel Chapter 132

Luke led Julian to where the mural was.

"This is the place Queeny mentioned just now, the place where she drugged Susie.” Luke immediately glanced around the place.

He found nothing.

It meant that they had lost their only clue.

"Now, we’ll start from here and try to look for Susie.” Julian chose a path and went to search for her without any hesitation. 1

Luke pursed his lips before walking down another path.

Water was dripping. Susan opened her eyes in a daze.

It was pitch black. Subconsciously, she breathed in a few gulps of fresh air deeply.

Although she tried her best, she still felt slightly suffocated as the air was insufficient there.

She rubbed her temples and forced herself to calm down.

She was in the cave just now.

The sound of the water was familiar. She felt slightly suffocated at the same time.

So, she might still be in the cave.

She touched her body to search for her belongings.

Her phone and torchlight were snatched away. She found nothing with her.

Susan pursed her lips inevitably.

Clearly, somebody drugged her and moved her there intentionally.

The paths in the cave were rather complicated, and the air was quite limited.

She did not know how long she had been there. She started to feel that she could not catch her breath now. She might suffocate to death if she lingered there for a few more hours.

Indeed, the person who framed her wanted her dead.

Soon, Susan was enveloped in fear of death. She pinched herself harshly as an attempt to force herself t o calm down.

Her first response was to look for a way to save herself.

She thought for a while.

Then, she realized that the best way to save herself was to stay put in the original place as she had no light or aids to help her.

So, she could only wait for somebody to come and rescue her.

The helplessness engulfed Susan, and she felt upset about it.

The darkness intensified her anxiety and panic.

Susan wrapped her arms around her knees tightly.

She felt much safer in that position.

The water was dripping.

Minutes ticked by. She heard nothing else other than the sound of the water in the cave.

The air became much more limited now, and Susan found it much more difficult to breathe.

Susan felt that she started to lose her wits given the suffocating feeling.

She hugged herself even tighter.

Then, she reminded herself.

'Stay calm. You must stay calm.'

Now, news that she had gone missing must have been revealed to the others. Julian would certainly come to her rescue.

Susan felt calmer when she thought about Julian.

She did not know when it started. Surprisingly, she was so dependent on him now.

"No, we did not see her."

"There's no sign of her."

They reported the results through the walkie-talkies.

However, they reported that they saw no signs of her.

"It’s been half an hour now. Come out of the cave first and rest for around ten minutes.”

The others left the cave in an orderly manner.

Soon, they gathered at the mouth of the cave.

Charlotte's facial expression changed slightly when she realized what was wrong.

Everyone was there except for Luke and Julian.

They entered the cave impatiently that they did not manage to grab walkie-talkies with them.

Charlotte called their phones immediately.

She called Julian first.

"Julian, it’s been half an hour now. Just leave the cave first. If you linger there for too long, you'll have difficulty breathing," Charlotte said immediately.

“There's no need for that," Julian said rather calmly." You just take care of the others’ safety. I'm fine."


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