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The Pampering CEO: Don't Mess With My Secretly-Married Sweet Wife novel Chapter 133

Julian tightened his grasp on her neck.

His eyes were bloodshot. He seemed to be crazy too.

"Tell me! Where is Susie?"

Charlotte was stunned. She spat out a few words with much difficulty. "What...are you talking about? I don't understand."

Julian's voice was as calm as the sea. "Queeny drugged Susie, but she had no time to move Susie to another place. So someone else must have moved her t o another place from where the mural is. That person i s certainly familiar with the paths and junctions in the cave. So he or she is sure of leaving the cave safely afterwards. Moreover, the Jenkins Corporation explored the caves beforehand. The person who moved Susie to another place is certainly one of you, even though you claimed that you only found a safe path. But who knows whether there's somebody cunning who found other paths and hid it from the rest of us."

'A cunning person...'

Julian was actually accusing her directly.

Charlotte's heartbeat quickened vigorously. After a while, she forced herself to stay calm. "Julian, are you saying that there's somebody who is plotting against Susie in the Jenkins Corporation? It's impossible.

Moreover, Susan is not necessarily moved to another place by somebody. She might have woken up and wandered away. Maybe she lost her way in the cave. What do you think?"

Julian looked at Charlotte icily. Suddenly, he tightened his grasp around her neck.

Her breathing became difficult. She became pale too.

"Charlotte, do you think you can fool me?" Julian appeared ferocious. "Or do you think that Susie is a fool? She could certainly be saved if she stayed put in the original place. She had no reason to wander away."

"Maybe she did wander away. Who knows?" Charlotte tried her best to defend herself.

"Charlotte!” Julian locked his hands around her neck firmly. "I have no time to talk nonsense with you here. You're the only one who has every reason to frame Susie and want her dead from the entire Jenkins Corporation. Tell me where she is now. Otherwise, I'll kill you directly!”

As he said that, he grabbed her neck vigorously.

Charlotte started to panic now.

At that moment, she felt that Julian did indeed want t o strangle her to death.

For Susan, Julian indeed wanted to strangle her to death.

All of a sudden, she could not differentiate whether her throat or her heart hurt more.

"Stop it!”

In that instant, a loud thunderous voice was heard. Luke rushed toward them quickly.

Charlotte's eyes brightened. She said with much difficulty, “Brother...save me..."

Luke looked at Charlotte as she was strangled by Julian. He then turned to look at Julian. "Julian, what are you doing?"

"What am I doing?” Julian looked at Luke coldly. "You came here looking for Charlotte in a rush. I'm sure you have the same conjecture as I do. Charlotte might really be the one plotting the entire scheme here." 1

Luke gritted his teeth inevitably because he was seen through by Julian. "But it's just a conjecture. Let go of Charlotte first. You might kill her."

“Julian, I really didn’t..." Charlotte spoke with much difficulty. "If you have no evidence against me, don’t treat me like this."

Her plan was carried out so well that it was impossible for Julian to find any evidence against her. 2

Julian could do nothing to her if he had no evidence.

Charlotte held onto that resolutely.

"Evidence?" Julian smiled coldly. "It concerns Susie. A s long as there's a possibility, I'll risk everything else recklessly. I never care about a thing like evidence."

Charlotte was stunned.

'Julian would act so recklessly for Susan!'


'How charming is she? Why is Julian bewitched by her like that?'

"Charlotte, if you're the one behind it, just tell us where Susan is," Luke said.

"I didn't..." Charlotte gritted her teeth.

She firmly believed that Julian would not be so daring to kill her. Her brother was there too.

"Very well." Julian sneered. "Since you’re unwilling to tell us the truth, I'll send you to hell directly."


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