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The Pampering CEO: Don't Mess With My Secretly-Married Sweet Wife novel Chapter 134

The water was still dripping.

It dripped ceaselessly.

In the absolute darkness, Susan tried her best to focus on counting the number of droplets just to control her panic.

One drop. Two drops. Three drops.

A hundred drops. Five hundred drops. A thousand drops.

As the number of droplets increased, Susan became much more desperate.

In her daze, she felt that she was nearing her death as she counted off another droplet of water.

Her helplessness as she waited for her death was indeed a great despair.

At first, Susan was still keeping track of the number of droplets sanely.

Gradually, as the air thinned out and the oxygen deficiency became much more serious, her mind became fuzzier. Her thoughts started to become disoriented.

How many droplets did she count up until now?

Three thousand? Five thousand?

Why was she unable to utter a response all of a sudden?

Susan raised her hand as she wanted to knock some sense into her head and ask herself to calm down.

But her hand fell down weakly the minute she raised i t up.

She did not even have the energy to raise her hand now.

Susan was soon engulfed in immense despair.

The oxygen was indeed quite limited there. Clearly, she was deep in the cave.

By looking at the features of the caves, the deeper one got into the cave, the more junctions and paths they would see.

They needed to find the right path which led to her out of all of those complicated paths.

Even if it was Julian, what else could he do?

At first, she tried her best to refrain from having such thoughts. She tried her best to be hopeful. She was hopeful that she was going to survive.

But now she seemed to have lost all hope.

As one was nearing their death, they would think about their life.

However, she did not reminiscence about such things.

She only thought of two people.

One of them was Jacob.

If she was dead, she did not know whether her brother would be able to accept that. She wished that it would not influence his illness.


It was Julian.

What would happen to that overbearing and strong man?

Certainly, he would be sad. Would he?

But he would go and marry someone else after he had forgotten about the grief. He would lead his life which was unrelated to Susan.

How long would he remember her?

Susan wished that Julian would remember her for the rest of his life.

On the other hand, she would rather have Julian forget about her soon.

That kind of anxiety and dilemma gave her extreme pain.

She was still suffering from oxygen deficiency.

Her thoughts were messy now.

Now, she could think of nothing else. Her head hurt deeply. The disgusted feeling became much more apparent to her.

Susan looked toward a direction numbly.

She hoped multiple times that there would come a light all of a sudden. Now, it seemed impossible.

Just when Susan was about to give up entirely, a voice came to her.

"Is it here?"


Susan was slightly dazed. Was she hearing an illusion?

The next minute, she saw a light appearing in front of her slowly.

Her surroundings were lit up.

Subconsciously, Susan narrowed her eyes. After that, she saw a man rushing toward her.

It was Julian.

Susan’s vision was still blurry.

Was she dreaming?

She might be dreaming about it.

If not, why would Julian appear to be in a mess given that he always cared about his appearance?

But it was such a good thing for her to be able to meet Julian before she died.


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