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Still Wanna Escape After Stealing My Heart? novel Chapter 134

"Alright," Sabrina replied. From the end of the phone call, Sabrina's voice sounded very gentle. "Where are w e going, and where should I wait for you?"

Nigel thought about it for a moment. "Wait for me at your company’s entrance."

" I will." Sabrina acted very submissively.

Nigel ended the call right after their brief conversation.

After hanging up, he exchanged a look with Mindy, drawing a smile from her. “Since you've shown me my rival, you're telling me you want to choose me? Isn't that right?" Mindy asked.

Nigel only smiled coldly at this. "I can clearly distinguish between the type of girls for fooling around, and those for marrying and settling down with. If we were to marry, both our grandfathers would surely approve. I for one know my grandfather would be thrilled if that were to happen. After all, my cousin is already engaged, isn't that right?"

Mindy nodded in agreement. "That's reasonable."

"However, you can’t stop me from playing around a little." Nigel said, drunkenly.

After the drinks she had, Mindy was also very tipsy. " That would depend on who you want to play with."

Nigel smiled, but did not answer Mindy’s question. He got up and made his way to Sebastian who was sitting down on the main table looking standoffish, having already paid respects to all the guests. "Sebastian."

Sebastian looked at the intoxicated Nigel coldly and replied, "What is it?!"

Nigel leaned in and asked, "Sebastian, have you divorced Sabrina already?"

Sebastian was speechless upon hearing what Nigel had just said.

His mother’s death was expected, but it seemed like it had been hastened by her encounter with the Ford family. After she passed away, Sebastian had his hands full with the funeral for a week, and had constantly visited his mother’s grave during the first three days after she was buried as well.

Everything had only just been taken care of, so how could he have had the time to divorce Sabrina?

His engagement banquet with Selene was supposed to be scheduled for some later time, but Selene’s physical condition wasn't at its best. In addition, Old Master Henry had been pestering Sebastian to hold his engagement right after the seven day funeral as well.

Old Master Ford could not wait a day longer.


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