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Still Wanna Escape After Stealing My Heart? novel Chapter 135

He had not sent her back to the Lynn family home.

Did that mean she could finally stay in the same room as Sebastian, and start being a real couple?


Letting her imagination run wild, Selene happily got into Kingston's car and left the restaurant.

Sebastian, on the other hand, was driving slowly on the main road, without any destination in mind. 1

Meanwhile, Sabrina had already arrived at her company. Just as she was about to call Nigel, he had already called over. "Sabrina, I'm quite busy over here, so I can't pick you up. Can you get a ride and come over yourself?"

Sabrina obediently replied, "Of course I can, Young Master Nigel."

Nigel heard Sabrina’s gentle voice, and slyly asked her, "You'd be so willing to treat me well? Then, would you be willing enough to do anything for me?”

Sabrina's smile seemed to grow even more gentle. " Young Master Nigel, are you suspicious of my sincerity? Let me say it again, I'm willing to do anything for you. I will do anything you ask me to do, I'd even be willing to give you my life."

Nigel laughed. "I can't believe you were so emotionless

and unapproachable at first, when you were acting cold. Now, when you're being cheap, you can actually b e so passionate?"

Sabrina had no reply.

She knew that Nigel had a foul mouth, and so his words were never serious. He liked to curse around and speak nonsense, but when he called her cheap, she really couldn’t stand it.

Sabrina had never been a cheap woman.

On the other end of the call, Nigel noticed that Sabrina did not react but continued, "Regardless, I predicted this as well. The way you are acting right now completely fits the expectations that I had since the beginning." 1

Sabrina did not know what Nigel was referring to, so she moved on from the topic and patiently asked through the phone, "Young Master Nigel, where do you want me to go? Give me an address."


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