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Summon of The Sword novel Chapter 1618

Sean said with a wave of his hand.

Dwayne was relieved that Sean was not going after Lorenzo or himself, and he let Lorenzo go.

With an obsequious smile, he put away the arbalest and approached Sean, saying, "Mr. Lennon, Lorenzo offended you because he didn't know who you were. I don't think he'll make that mistake again. Don't worry. I'll teach him a lesson."

Sean nodded casually when Dwayne said this.

"Oh, and make him compensate the fondue restaurant for its losses."

Sean's words made Dwayne freeze.

However, he quickly nodded and said yes. It was a trivial matter to the Wagner family anyway.

He just had to compensate a small amount, which was a drop in the bucket for the Wagner family's wealth.

There was no way they could continue their meal after what happened.

After settling the bill, Sean and Zander drove Mila and Lillian home.

The two women, Mila and Lillian, were helpless. It would be bad if Lorenzo tried to retaliate against them. Sean and Zander should give them a lift, given Ronald's support for Dorodo's city defense army.

"Mr. Lennon, thank you so much for today. If it wasn't for you, Lill and I would have been bullied by Lorenzo."

Mila said earnestly.

"It's nothing. It's no big deal."

Sean said flatly.

Mila had expected Sean to use today's events to extract favors, such as getting Ronald to lower the price of his weapons.

However, Sean was so calm that he did not even mention any repayment. It made her admire the man.


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